As Alert EasyPro clients grow more and more technically sophisticated, we’ve fueled development in partnership with them. The newest exciting feature of this rental management software is E-Commerce. What started as a vision of “real-time reservations” has morphed into a sophisticated website shopping front!

Alert has been always been a leader in web application integrations. We developed the popular feature Web Requests many years ago, where rental store websites can “talk to” the Alert EasyPro program to send bids from the website.  When the clerk logs in to Alert, they’ll see that someone has requested a rental from their website. From there, the clerk can verify availability, suggest additional or substitute items, and convert to a reservation.

In addition to Web Requests, Alert developed Customer Portal. Clients of the rental store can log in and make payments, look at open or closed invoices, and manage their own account on their own time. Elimination of rental store employee time has been a critical achievement of Web Requests and Customer Portal.

The next step in this movement is E-commerce. Selected clients of a rental store have the ability to manage their order from start to finish, much like any other online retailer.  Since rental is significantly different than retail, special parameters are included in Alert EasyPro E-commerce asset manager software.  Only specified (reliable, trusted, and knowledgeable) customers have the ability to complete an order to the reservation status.  Payment (in full or a specified percentage) must be made because we don’t want to tie up a $40,000 piece of equipment as part of a high school prank.

E-Commerce is the next iteration of the significant investment in technology by rental stores and Alert Management Systems.  With robust technology features already developed, such as integrations with telematics, CRM, email and efax, barcode scanning, GPS integrations, integrated credit card payments, and much more, inventory tracking is easier than ever with this rental software!

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