Alert EasyPro and Scalability

One question that we’re frequently asked when we meet with potential new clients, is if Alert EasyPro is a good fit in terms of number of users and locations. The interesting thing is that both small, start-up 2-user rental businesses ask that question, as well as multi-million dollar, multi-location rental operations with hundreds of users. The answer for both is unequivocally “yes!”

Alert EasyPro is scalable. What does that mean for your rental operation? It means that our core product manages rentals from quotes to reservations to open orders and does all delivery and pickup documents, statements, and invoices.  Immediately after implementation, you’ll have access to our Operator Dashboard, Dispatcher Dashboard, Document Center, and Executive Dashboard.

Every rental operation, from a new startup, to a multi-location business, to everything in between, needs access to information and that’s what rental software is all about. Where is my inventory? Who owes me money and how much? What’s my ROI on my inventory? Who is coming to pick something up today? What do I need to deliver? How much sales tax should I charge and remit back to the state?  What does my revenue look like this month/quarter/year?  Because Alert EasyPro rental software includes all this information in our base package, every rental operator has access to these vital metrics.

What about larger operations, who are beyond the startup phase and continue to grow?  Wonderful news! Alert software grows with you. Need to manage work orders in your shop? Let’s get you set up with our Work Order and Preventive Maintenance system.  Want to manage purchasing through Alert EasyPro? No problem – we have a module for that! How about a sophisticated website integration? Let’s do it!  Accounting integrations? Check. Customizable contracts, electronic signature capture, commission systems, driver license scanning, and any number of features that successful rental operations use are available as you grow. Count on Alert to help you grow!

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