We understand that your business may have weathered a really tough 2020. Alert is pleased to offer flexible payment terms, including 0% interest for 24 months for credit qualified. We should all be focused on making 2021 healthier, which includes your bottom line.

During winter, many of our clients experience an expected seasonal slowdown in rental business. They use this time to make productive enhancements to their businesses, such as thoroughly cleaning equipment, taking inventory, and other projects. We at Alert have been guiding our clients through a series of 7 winter projects to keep their rental businesses in tip-top shape and we want to share these experiences with you

Using Alert for more than just mere inventory tracking is what makes our rental management software so very powerful. We first suggested that our Alert management software users update rates in their systems. This powerful tool helps rental businesses keep competitive with their local market, and is any easy task to accomplish. Next up, purging old bids and reservations from the system, cleaning up the database.

Other business database management tasks are purging customers who haven’t rented with the rental business in a specified number of years, and merging duplicate customers. For our users who interface with Zoho CRM, this is a critical step to take prior to integrating.

Alert can also help rental operations accomplish physical inventory. This task becomes markedly less tedious with the Mobile Inventory Manager (take inventory from a tablet or phone!) and every business should take physical inventory at least annually. Knowing if you have what you think you have is paramount to success in rental! Speaking of inventory, do you know what you could have rented but didn’t because it wasn’t in stock? You do now, with the built-in missed-rental system!

Finally, adding some time-saving features is a surefire way to increase profitability. We’ve encouraged our clients to add barcodes to sales items (it’s so easy!) and to automate their general ledger export. The fewer steps you have to take to run your rental operation, the more productive and profitable you are.

Alert rental management software is so much more than a way to track inventory and write rental contracts. Let us help you manage every aspect of your business – after all, we are Alert Management Systems.

For more information on Alert, contact us at sales@alertms.com.

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