We understand that your business may have weathered a really tough 2020. Alert is pleased to offer flexible payment terms, including 0% interest for 24 months for credit qualified. We should all be focused on making 2021 healthier, which includes your bottom line.

One question we hear from prospective software owners is regarding support. How long is support included with the purchase of Alert EasyPro rental software? What is included? How frequently can I ask questions? What if I need more training?

As any of the thousands of long-term Alert EasyPro software users will tell you, Alert is so exceptionally comprehensive that it’s nearly impossible to learn everything in one training class. For new clients, our experienced Project Managers will work with you over the phone, via webinar, or in person, to conduct a comprehensive training class. You’ll learn basic functions of Alert, such has ticket-writing, reporting, how to get your data exactly right, and how to customize the system for your particular rental business using the extensive Codes & Setup section.

What happens next?  Our new rental business software users will go home and promptly forget everything they learned in training! That’s OK – we’ve been doing this for over 40 years and understand that we throw a lot of information at you very quickly. That’s why we offer more follow-up training and a full year of unlimited support with the purchase of a new Alert EasyPro rental management system. You read that correctly – you can call us, email us, fax us, or send a carrier pigeon and we’ll help you out for a full year at no extra charge.

After the first year of unlimited customer support, our staff will work with you to take the next step. We’ll let you know how many questions you had during your first year, how much help you needed, and what makes the most sense going forward. Typically speaking, the more users and locations a new client has, the more support is needed. Alert offers four tiers of support for clients in year-2 and beyond: E-Support, Basic Support, Economy Support, and Priority Support. Every support plan includes some number of contacts to our fully-staffed and highly-rated Help Desk, access to our knowledgebase (which includes training videos, articles, and documentation), as well as an upgrade to the latest revision of Alert EasyPro.

The upgrade to the newest revision of Alert EasyPro includes dozens of enhancements that were voted on by users just like you at the annual IAUA Conference. We also release at least one new module with each revision of Alert, such as integrations with other business intelligence software or sophisticated baseline features such as the all new Document Center.

Whether you’re a longtime user of Alert EasyPro rental management software, or a brand-new client, we welcome your questions and feedback. We’re better together! We at Alert understand that people do business with people, not businesses. Let us partner with you to be more successful and profitable!

For more information on Alert EasyPro, contact us at sales@alertms.com.

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