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Alert Management Systems and The Special Event Top 30

Alert Management Systems and The Special Event Top 30

Alert EasyPro provides event inventory management for eleven of the elite Special Event (TSE) Top 30 event rental companies. With a combined rental revenue of over $220 Million, our TSE Top 30 event rental companies use Alert EasyPro’s special events software as an integral part of their management of thousands of rental contracts, untold numbers of events, scores of deliveries, and happy clients from coast-to-coast.

What features does Alert EasyPro offer that these successful party rental companies use? First and foremost, Alert practically invented, and has perfected, inventory management.  Our clients know where every piece of rental inventory is at any given moment, where it’s scheduled to be, and what the earnings are.  Since Alert EasyPro’s special events software handles both serialized and bulk availability, our clients are able to manage their businesses with clarity, efficiency, and ease.

Dispatcher Dashboard allows event rental dispatchers to load trucks with intuitive drag-and-drop ease.  Dispatchers can assign drivers and helpers, schedule lunch breaks, assign setup times, route deliveries and pick-ups, and get real-time updates from GPS devices on the road.  We designed this logistics dashboard with buttons to easily convert open reservations and contracts, send updates to drivers, and send documents to selected printers, all with the click of a mouse.  Dispatching and fleet management has never been easier.

Intelligent Pull Period provides warnings and change control for tickets about to go out and creates department-specific change orders for items which are deleted, added, or modified.  This is especially useful for large orders, which oftentimes involve last-minute changes.  For instance, if an order has a change in linens, the change order is specifically routed to the linen department, chairs to the chair department, and so forth.  Since each department is separately notified, they are able to focus specifically on their own changes to the ticket, allowing the order to be quickly modified and efficiently delivered – ultimately providing an outstanding customer experience.

To learn more about how Alert EasyPro’s special events software powers the top 30 party and event rental companies, please contact us at sales@alertms.com, or call 800-530-8050 to schedule a free demonstration.

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