Customer Success Spotlight

Mobile Reports

Are you buried, stretched, and hustling while on the go? Mobile Reports can help with that.

Using a URL (website address – sample link below), you can access reports from your system directly, getting up to the second information, anytime, anywhere. You can filter and search as well as link to other reports to obtain more detailed information.

The web-based, interactive, design works with any web browser (no downloads required) and is optimized for phones/mobile devices and in some cases large displays in your store or warehouse. They work great on a PC too.

Sample reports available HERE

Many Alert users already own the Web Report System and don’t even know it! We’re happy to check if you aren’t sure.

This includes a suite of reports allowing you to search and see details for customers, inventory, tickets, even availability.

In addition, we’ve just finished a new bundle of reports, focused on operations. More information and test drives are available.

Reports include a department summary (allowing you to drill down for detail), a live display of pull period changes (probably better suited for a TV in your warehouse) and more.