Fun Fact: You Can Run Alert EasyPro on a Tablet!

Alert EasyPro, the robust rental inventory tracking software by Alert Management Systems, can run from any Windows tablet! No Remote Desktop product is required – a mobile inventory system session can run all on its own.

The topic of mobility is always top-of-mind when small business inventory software is discussed. How can we run our businesses more efficiently in the mobile age? While a powerful inventory system specifically designed for the rental industry is critically important, so is the capability to be agile.  With the unique ability to run Alert EasyPro’s mobile inventory system on ANY Windows device, Alert EasyPro checks a big item off the mobility checklist.

Efficiency is the name of the game at Canton Chair Rental, a large event rental business in Canton Ohio.  “A tablet running the Dispatcher Dashboard and Fleetmatics allows me to keep up to date on the status of orders and our trucks when I’m not sitting at my desk”, notes Dean Cecconi, Operations and IT Manager.  “I just received this Windows tablet a few weeks ago, and I’m already more productive and not chained to my desk.  Since the tablet handles other functions, such as e-mail, I’m truly able to be effective anywhere.”

One of the classes offered at the 41st annual IAUA ( The International Alert Users’ Association) Conference last November was “How to Use Alert on a Tablet.”  We’ll be sure to repeat the class for 2018, and have some tablets on hand to demonstrate our small business inventory software.

Windows devices come in many shapes and sizes – from small phones to large tablets. The 8″ tablets pictured here run less than $100 online, and Alert Management Systems offers special pricing for mobile inventory software licenses. The power to be productive is now easier, and less expensive, than ever with our mobile inventory system!

To learn more about how Alert EasyPro’s inventory systems power the most profitable event rental businesses please contact us at, or call 800-530-8050 to schedule a free demonstration.