Heavy-duty rental software

Designed for your profitability—even through a pandemic.

The word “essential” really has taken on new meaning in 2020. But in the midst of uncertainty, our communities continue to grow and build—which means it’s essential that your heavy equipment rental company has the software needed to keep up with the demand.

Automate your inventory management

To focus on growing your business

The changes and uncertainty that have come from COVID-19 are shining a spotlight on inefficiencies across all industries. Is your current software working hard enough to grow and adapt with your changing business? We’ve helped construction equipment rental companies solve challenges that effect their bottom line, including: 

Automate cycle-billing

Get those long-term rentals invoiced and paid quicker than ever with Cycle Billing and Recurring Credit Card Billing.  Bill in advance or arrears, and for multiple cycles.

GPS track all assets

Integrate directly with your GPS application to know both where your equipment is and how much it’s been used. Bill for overages on each cycle bill rather than at the end of the rental.

Organize work orders for repair

Alert’s graphical Work Order Dashboard shows the status of your work orders at all times. Use Preventive Maintenance to keep your equipment in tip-top shape and ready to rent.

Do you have a 20% operating profit?

Use our business success formula to help build a plan that delivers a 20% pre-tax operating profit.
"For companies that derive 60-89% of their rental revenue from construction and industrial equipment rental, the top 25% made a 18.5% pre-tax operating profit. The average for all companies was only 11.6%."

How do we stack up?

The truth is, you’ve got a lot of rental software companies to choose from and they’re likely all promising the same kinds of features. But you don’t need a software provider—you need a software partner. So we’ve broken down exactly what we offer, along with our competitors.

An honest comparison of apples to apples.

Alert Management Systems Competitors' Software
Support with Purchase 1 year, included 3 months included
Project Manager All projects get a personalized project manager, from Saas to Summit—which includes ample training Only highest investment levels get a project manager. Best for a complete DIY approach
Features Alert offers a fully featured product at every level. Nothing "Lite" "Starter" versions need a substantial upgrade to add more features
Credit Card Processing Use our preferred vendors to save money—or use your own preferred vendor! Must use their vendors
Windows Yes Yes
Linux Yes Yes
Hosted Yes Perhaps
SaaS Yes Maybe
Support Accessibility US-based support available—by people you know Extra charges for support, or only videos and articles for help
User Conference Alert's Users Conference was the first in the industry and meets annually for the past 40 years. Alert users drive our software development. Most rental software companies don't host user conferences—or if they do, only meet at trade shows
Flexibility We help improve your processes and work with you to create custom solutions for your rental software One-size-fits-all approach

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