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Advice from Our Marketing Specialist

Every member of a business has a lot of responsibilities to juggle. Part of what makes a successful team is to make sure each member of the team knows what to expect in their position. Does your company have someone specific that handles the marketing side of things? This is where having a Marketing Specialist on your sales team can make a big impact. 

Having a designated marketing person can take a lot off your plate, especially if you are the kind of person that freezes up at the mere idea of Instagram or Twitter. Pass off some of your tasks to this person to be able to spend more of your time focused on other aspects of your busy job. 

Consider bringing on a part-time summer intern to start to learn about your company and to grow your marketing efforts. I spent my first summer getting to know our clients, our products, and how to be a part of a sales team before gradually taking on more tasks and responsibilities. Once you have someone who understands your company’s image, you can start to find a balance between your marketing and sales efforts to begin bringing in more business. 

“Having someone on our team to do all of the small marketing tasks is a big help. I constantly have a lot to do, and I am able to sit back knowing that someone else is doing all of those things I might not have the time to do,” said Kara Longmire, CMA, Co-President/CEO. 

The key to balancing marketing and sales is to understand how they work together through a strategy called inbound marketing. This is the process of working with a client from the time they first hear about a company to the final deal they sign through the sales team and everything after. Often a solid marketing strategy can lead to a client interacting with your business for the first time. They may see a post on your Instagram story that resonates with them and makes them want to schedule a demo or work with you. The marketing person needs to understand the inbound sales process to get a potential client enough information to move forward with your company instead of someone else.

Here are some of the marketing-specific tasks a marketing person can do: 

    • Monitoring all forms of social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or any other platform you choose to use. This includes coming up with post ideas, keeping track of analytics, and maintaining a consistent posting schedule. 
    • Website work such as SEO tracking, updating outdated pages, and editing content.
  • Creating publications such as flyers for conferences, updating sales materials for products, designing advertisements, and any other company materials we need.
  • Producing a blog to improve company image, spread awareness of various topics, and to connect with potential clients via an email chain. 
  • Gathering material from clients to use on our social accounts and to continue improving our client-company relationship. 

When I am not actively creating content on Canva or writing an article, I am helping our sales team with a variety of tasks as well. Here are some of the more sales-oriented parts of my job: 

  • Attending sales team meetings to get updated information on clients, revisions to products, and any other relevant information for our company. 
  • Updating client records on our CRM system to ensure accurate information.
  • Assigning sales leads from our team email account. By having me keep track of the leads on our system, it automatically sends an email to each sales member when they are assigned a lead. Our sales team can then dive in to get to work meeting with the client.

Having a connected marketing and sales person (or team) can be a huge advantage to your company. Consider doing some more research to determine the best solution for your team. If you have ever wished to have a better marketing presence, there is no better time than now to invest some time into it. Marketing your company can be the next best way to put your name out there for the world to see it.

So what are my next marketing steps?

Take a moment to consider if you would prefer to hire someone part-time to help with current marketing initiatives, hire someone full-time to take over full social responsibilities, or find a combination of working with a team of marketers. 

Talk with your sales team about the possibility of bringing together the marketing and sales efforts more. Add a weekly brainstorm session to gather new content ideas. Talk about upcoming conferences or events to start broadcasting to your clients. Think about the ways you can market your company to eventually bring in more sales. Let the process begin!

Realize that marketing is not a one-size fits all model. Every company has a different audience they are trying to reach. Every post you make will not be a winner. The analytics may not be on your side some months. The best part of combining your marketing and sales efforts is to understand that it will take time to continue to improve. 

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