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Alert Rental Named Top 100 Woman-Owned Company in Colorado – 2021

Alert Rental (Interactive Management Systems Corp) is honored to announce their ranking in ColoradoBiz’s Top 100 Woman-Owned Companies in 2021. ColoradoBiz Magazine celebrates the achievements of Colorado’s most successful female entrepreneurs, and Alert Rental has been listed for three consecutive years.

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Alert Rental is 100% woman-owned. Co-Presidents Mary Crosslin and Kara Longmire became the owners of Alert in September, 2016. Prior to owning Alert, both women spent several years as senior managers leading the business. Once they saw the opportunity to own Alert, they never looked back.

“Alert has given me so many opportunities for growth in the professional world as a woman,” mentioned Mary Crosslin, Co-President and COO of Alert Rental. “I have formed connections with many other female clients running their own small businesses, which keeps that momentum flowing. As women-owned businesses continue to succeed, I am honored to be an industry leader.”

“We continue to be proud and excited to represent not only women in Colorado, but women in business everywhere” shared Kara Longmire, Co-President and CEO of Alert. “This is an award we will continue to respect and share to inspire other women leaders to take charge of their careers.”

About Alert Rental

Alert Rental, headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO is a leading supplier of rental management solutions to single store and multi-store rental operations across North America. Founded in 1976, Alert provides its customers with decades of experience and innovation in the rental business. Alert’s rental management software is used in hundreds of rental locations by thousands of end-users. Alert continuously improves features, and hosts the longest-running Users Conference in the industry. For more information, visit our website here.

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