Instead of waiting until the end of the month to send out invoices, send the invoice on the day after which the cost of the equipment rental will no longer increase even if the renter holds the equipment until the end of the month with our rental business invoice software.

For most rental companies using typical rate cards, this happens around the 17th day of the month. Once the renter has held the equipment for about 17 days, the charge for the month will not increase further even if the renter holds the equipment until the last day of the month.

In Alert EasyPro’s invoice management software system, as soon as all the items on a contract have reached the point where no further charges will be due for the month, the optional “Smart Billing” feature will select the ticket for possible invoicing. With this business invoice software, you still get to decide whether to send it out now or later.

Experience shows that the faster invoices are sent out, the faster the cash comes back into the store! So, use the “Smart Billing” feature of Alert’s equipment rental software and send out invoices early. With our rental invoice software, your cash on hand will increase and you will be in a better position to meet all your obligations (especially those to yourself!).