Alert Weekly Help Desk Notes & Support Survey!

Welcome to your weekly Help Desk Notes and Support Survey!


Alert New Year Resolutions!

Ready to rock your New Year Resolutions? We have some great suggestions for you!

Resolve to run Alert End of Year procedures. Find the directions HERE.

Get copies of the End of Year Fixed Asset Valuation Report and/or the Sales
Stock Evaluation Report. Resolve to schedule these reports to
run automatically the last day of  the month!
The Stock Evaluation Report can be found in
Sales Items -> Reports -> Stock Evaluation.
The Fixed Asset Valuation Report can be found in
Fixed Assets -> Reports -> Equipment Valuation.

To schedule a report: Go to the report and enter through all the fields.
Click the F7 Schedule Button and follow the prompts.
Select the frequency and location and your reports will be right
where you want them, when you want them there!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ensure that you are getting reliable off-site
backups of your Alert data. While our amazing staff is talented
and capable, we can’t recreate your data out of thin air
if you’re struck by a virus or server failure.

If you aren’t using Alert EasyVault (let us know at
if you’re interested!) resolve that your backups are:

Cloud based
Proven Restoration
You have 100% faith in your IT people to help you restore your data

Speaking of backups and data safety, resolve to make sure that
your firewall and computers have up-to-date anti-virus software.
And keep practicing good anti-virus habits!
Don’t click on anything that looks suspicious!

Resolve to change your passwords to something harder to guess or break by force.
Password best practices are: 8 characters minimum with uppercase letters,
lowercase letters, and at least one number of specialcharacter.

Get a printable copy of these tips HERE, and as always, prior editions
are available on our website.


Congratulations to Lisa Segree!

Many of you know our wonderful, talented, smart and hard-working Lisa Segree.
Please join us in congratulating her on her new position as the Support Manager!
Lisa has been managing the Triage Department and has now taken over all of Support.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Support experience, please
don’t hesitate to reach out to Lisa directly at
and she will cheerfully address your issue.

Congratulations, Lisa!


January Support Survey

May we suggest one more New Year Resolution?
Complete your Support Survey and give us some feedback!
We want to know how we’re doing and don’t know unless you tell us.
Take the January Support Survey HERE!

If you resolve to give feedback once a month, we resolve to get better each month!

Congratulations to last month’s winner of a $50 Amazon gift card:
George from O’Leary’s Contractors Equipment & Supply in Chicago, IL!

Be on the lookout for a new automated survey with your closed calls!
Thanks to Larry at Red Hat Rentals for the great suggestion.