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Tax Exceptions for Sales Items

Do you ever  need to make the same sales item taxable for some
areas and not taxable for others? For example, perhaps your city charges
sales tax on delivery charges but the neighboring citydoesn’t
How do you manage those exceptions?

Go to the item and note if it is taxable or not.
In this example, this delivery charge is NOT taxable.

To make it taxable for other tax areas, go to the Edit pull-down
and select Tax Exceptions.

Add the tax area where it IS taxable and type a Y for tax status.

Now if you have a ticket with this delivery item on it going to
tax area 89506 tax will be assessed on the delivery charge!

If the sales item is set up in your system as Taxable, simply do
the reverse of these instructions and make the Tax Area Status N for No.

Get a printable copy of this tax exception information for business HERE, and as always,
prior editions are available on our website.


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