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Which Reports are Scheduled?

As I was going along my merry way earlier this month,
Tom Meyers here at Alert reached out to ask where the reports
were coming from that were showing up in his inbox every night.
I sure know how to schedule reports, but how do I figure out what’s
already scheduled? And how do I get them to stop? Easy!

Go to Report Wizard on the main screen and go to the very
bottom to the Scheduled Reports button

From here, you are able to toggle between reports that you have
scheduled and all other reports that are scheduled. You’re then
able to delete the scheduled report and stop annoying your sales person.
(Hypothetically speaking, of course.) Curious folks, you’ll
notice that you can even click on the hyperlink to view the report!

Get a printable copy of these tips for rental business inventory management HERE, and as always,
prior editions are available on our website.


Come See Us at ARA Booth 855!


It’s nearly Orlando time! We can’t wait to see you in booth 855!
Our expert team will be on hand to answer any questions
you have and we’ll also be announcing dates for regional training.
You asked and we listened!

If you don’t have any questions, stop by anyway and take a
load off – we always have comfy lounge furniture since we
know you’ve been on your feet all day.
See you soon!


January Support Survey

Take the January Support Survey HERE!

If you’ve contacted our Help Desk recently then you’ve noticed
our new immediate survey tool! We appreciate the time you’re
taking out of your day to tell us how your  support experience was.
We’re able to take corrective  action immediately, or pat our staff on the back
if they’ve provided you outstanding service.

We’ll keep the monthly support surveys going if you have any
general comments you’d like the Co-Presidents to know about.
As always, we do value your feedback