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Prepaid Credit Cards

Did you know that if you process credit cards through Approval Code,
you can set up a filter to not accept prepaid debit/credit cards?
Why would you want to do this?

Take for example Alert customer Phil who told us: “We have had a
couple instances this past summer where a prepaid card was used
and it was to our detriment. The customer called ahead of time,
found out the rent for 1 day and deposit required, and used a prepaid
card for these funds. Of course when the item was late or not
brought back at all we were unable to charge more to the
card on file. On top of that it is virtually impossible to
trace these cards as to who the owner of the card is.”

If you’re using the Approval Code Gateway, simply
follow the directions below or reach out to for help.

Log in to your Approval Code Gateway. Navigate to Fraud Manager
and click on Fraud Modules. If no modules exist, click on
Add Module and select Bin Type Blocker.

When the Bin Type Blocker page is populated,
turn on Prepaid and Unknown. (Unknown are cards that are
in the mail and haven’t been activated yet.)


If you’re interested in more information on processing with
Approval Code, look no further! We’re happy to assist you
with the switch. Best of all – it’s free!

Get a printable copy of these tips HERE, and as always,
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