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Weekly Help Desk Notes 02-19-20

Alert Weekly Help Desk Notes & Support Survey!

Welcome to your weekly Help Desk Notes and Support Survey!


Ready to PAWS and learn more about Alert? Let’s go!

Alert’s Built-In Marketing Tools

You probably already know that Alert does waaay more than track your inventory.
We have a plethora of ways for you to use the system to help you achieve
your marketing goals, and over the next few weeks we’re going to make sure you have
all the information you need to bring your business to the next level.

This week’s focus is a fun feature you’ve probably seen a million times
but never thought much about: sending attachments in Document Center.
You can send information to your customers along with their documents
encouraging them to do business with you again.
Some ideas are coupons, announcements about your Customer Appreciation
Day (lookin’ at you, Bill’s!), change of address forms, and flyers
announcing new additions to your inventory.

Once your magnificent piece of marketing material is ready to send,
simply save it where indicated, select it, and you’re ready to go!

1)  From the queue in Document Center, press “Go” as usual.

2)  The next screen asks if you have an attachment to send with your transmission, and where to save the attachment.

3 )Simply select which document you’d like to send and voila!

Magical marketing with resources already at your disposal!

As usual, let us know at support@alertms.com if you have a question!

Get a printable copy of these tips HERE, and as always, prior editions are available on our website.


ARA Wrap-Up

We loved seeing so many of you at the ARA Show in Orlando last week!
We also hope you didn’t bring back a cold like all of us did!
(Note to self: bring hand sanitizer to the booth nextyear.)

If you weren’t able to see us in person, here’s a picture of our brand new booth!


New Triage Manager

Congratulations to Alert’s Jason Lincoln, who has recently been promoted
to our Triage Manager! He will oversee our team of first-line technicians
and respond to you personally if you have any issues with your support experience.
Contact him at jlincoln@alertms.com.

Jason works out of his home office in Florida and has been with Alert for nearly four years.
Prior to joining us, Jason worked for Discount Rental & Sales.
When they were purchased and his position was eliminated,
we were thrilled to welcome him to our team!
Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and three (!!!) sons when not at work.


February Support Survey

Take the February Support Survey HERE!

Thank you for helping us improve our Support Services!
If you’ve closed a call recently, you should have received a survey about that call.
If there’s anything else you’d like us to know, Ruby is very curious.
(Look at her beautiful eyes!)

How do you like the new survey after the call is closed?

We appreciate all the responses we’ve received so far!


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