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Alert’s Built-In Marketing Tools – Customer Surveys

This week’s marketing focus is on Automated Customer Surveys.
Alert offers a tool for you to measure your customer satisfaction results!
You can link to popular survey tools such as Survey Monkey and
start enhancing your imageASAP!


* Batch send surveys daily or periodically based on certain criteria such as
date range, customer type, or transaction size.

* Surveys can be either a document attached to an email
(and you could also include  a coupon or
other incentive!) or a link to an onlinesurvey

* Set up defaults by customer in the Survey Setup tab in the customer record

* Send surveys to the customer either one per customer, or one per invoice.

* You can email the surveys or send a link via text message.
Only links to surveys can be sent by text,
and mobile provider is required for text.

Once you complete setup and are ready to start sending surveys,
simply go to the ticket screen and from the Action drop- down,
select Create SurveyList.

This parameter selection screen will appear and you’ll be able to
choose who to send  the surveys to based on a number of criteria.

The next screen populates with the list and you’ll be able to delete
anybody who you don’t want to send a survey to.

Let us know if you’d like a bid for this neat tool!

It’s listed at $750 but we’re offering a special of $500.
Contact us at sales@alertms.comand we’ll get you set up!

Get a printable copy of these tips HERE, and as always, prior editions are available on our website.


Special Wishes to Eric and wife Tineke!

If you happen to speak with Eric at Alert’s Help Desk this week,
be sure to wish him and his wife Tineke a happy 30th anniversary!


February Support Survey

Take the February Support Survey HERE!

Speaking of Customer Surveys, the February Support Survey is
still open if you have any feedback for our staff.
We’ve been reading your responses on the daily closed
call surveys and we appreciate the time you’re taking
to let us know how we’re doing