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Welcome to your weekly Help Desk Notes and Support Survey!

Winter Projects Series

 Spring will be here before you know it! Let’s get our winter projects done!

 Project #5 – Find and Dispose of Not Rented Items

Follow the lead of one of our clients in Colorado and get rid of things that aren’t being rented anymore! Andrew at Arvada Rent-All posted these pictures  on his  social media accounts  and we couldn’t applaud him more! Awesome job getting rid of things! How can Alert help you with that?
And what do you need to do to take items out of inventory?


Report Share Report: “Rental Items NOT Rented in Last X Months”

In the Knowledgebase, look for the above report. Let us know at if you need help with getting a login to the knowledgebase, or with how to run a report from Report Share.
There’s also a very helpful video on how to run a report from Report Share in the knowledgebase.

Suggestions on how to liquidate:

1  – Put big FOR SALE signs on the unwanted items in your yard orshowroom
2  – Use the contract history in the Fixed Asset to see who last rented it and contact them to see if they want to buy it
3  – Sell it through a broker such as Ritchie Brothers
4  – Junk it! Or send to a scrapyard for the value of the scrapmetal.

In Alert, after you’ve relieved your business of the burden of unrented inventory, find the Fixed Asset and mark it as Sold. Follow the prompts on the following page to enter the location, date, qty, and other details of the sale or disposal. Finally, enjoy your cleaned up rental inventory!


Take Andrew’s lead and get rid of unrentable inventory.
If you see something funny, share it!
You never know – it might end up in a Support Survey email from Alert!


Version 19 is HERE!


 We’re excited to announce that Alert’s newest revision is here! Welcome to the world, Version 19!

We have a structure in place for how upgrades are managed. First, we’ll be reaching out to our Alert on the Cloud clients to run the upgrade. Next, first come first served! Summit Support (formerly Priority Support) clients have first priority when requesting, then everyone else in order of request.

The sooner you let us know you’d like to upgrade, the sooner we can make it happen! Don’t let your busy season get in front of you before you schedule it!

As a reminder, we no longer charge for custom code re-integration. The upgrade is a free benefit with the maintenance of your support agreement.

Call the Help Desk or email us at to schedule your Alert Management software upgrade

Want to see what’s included? Click HERE for the v.19 Features list.


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Please let us know how we’re doing by completing the monthly Alert Support Survey. Congratulations to Tim with Suburban Rental in the greater Atlanta area, who won February’s support survey!

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