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Weekly Help Desk Notes 03-11-20

Alert Weekly Help Desk Notes & Support Survey!

Welcome to your weekly Help Desk Notes and Support Survey!


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Alert’s Built-In Marketing Tools – E-Commerce!

This week’s marketing topic is E-Commerce.
We’ve told you about this exciting development before and we’re
thrilled to tell you about it again!

What exactly is E-Commerce?
Your clients will visit your website and they’ll be able to place an ENTIRE
order from start to finish. When we developed this feature, we called
it “Real Time Reservations”, meaning that when a request comes
in from the website, it is converted to a reservation in real time.


* Work with your web developer so you maintain ownership of your website,
and your website has it’s own unique look and feel.

* Your customers are given credentials to log on to your website. You decide who
has access so only your most trusted, frequent, knowledgeable,
customers have the authority to place an order.

* To create an order, there needs to be a payment (you decide –
is it a deposit or payment infull?)

* An order won’t be able to be generated or modified during a certain
date window that youspecify.

* Alert “talks” to your website so it knows your inventory and availability.

* Truly harness the power of technology and the web to drive more
business while reducing touch costs.

If you’d like more information, please let us know at hello@alertms.com!


Speaking of E-Commerce, stay tuned for a webinar on this topic,
presented by Volatile Studios! We’ll be holding this in the next few weeks
so watch your emails for an invitation!


March Support Survey


March is in full swing, which means we want
your feedback! Let us know how we’re doing!

Take the March Support Survey HERE!

Thank you for completing our Support Survey.
As you know, we read every comment.


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