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Welcome to your weekly Help Desk Notes and Support Survey!

Winter Projects Series

 Spring will be here before you know it! Let’s get our winter projects done!

Project #6 – Automate your General Ledger Export

Want to make things easier in the back office? Have you tried automating your export to your Accounting system? We can help you export your general ledger to QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage, and many other popular accounting programs. This is an Advanced Feature, so ask us if your export is turned on at

First, get your GL Codes in Alert

 Ladies and gentlemen, this should already be done! On the off chance that it isn’t go to Codes & Setup and to GL Account Codes on the upper side of the tree.

After your GL Codes are set up, run the GL Export (in the Counter Screen, go to  Financial and Select GL -> GL Interface Export). Input your date parameters and select Run to Screen to verify that everything is correct, then Run to Disk next.

Want to make this even easier to run every day? You can automate the export in Codes & Setup! This is especially helpful if your accounting folks don’t typically use Alert.

Finally, tell your accounting system to go get the export. We’ll help you get this all set up so let us know if you’re ready to save some time and email us at


Introducing our New Logo!

As Mary and Kara continually grow and innovate Alert Management Systems, we’ve decided to drop “EasyPro” from future revisions. With that in mind, we’ve created a new logo! Let us know what you think in the poll!

Love it!       Select            Maybe Keep Working on it….           Select



Version 19 is HERE!

For the next several issues of this newsletter, we’re going to remind you that Version 19 is here! If you’re already on the list for an upgrade – good for you! If not, what are you waiting for? Starting in our next issue we’ll highlight one popular new feature each week.

We have a structure in place for how upgrades are managed. First, we’ll be reaching out to our Alert on the Cloud software clients to run the upgrade. Next, first come first served! Summit Support (formerly Priority Support) clients have first priority when requesting, then everyone else in order ofrequest.

The sooner you let us know you’d like to upgrade, the sooner we can make it happen! Don’t let your busy season get in front of you before you schedule it!

As a reminder, we no longer charge for custom code re-integration. The upgrade is a free benefit with the maintenance of your support agreement.

Call the Help Desk or email us at  to schedule your upgrade!

Want to  see what’s included? Click HERE for the v.19 Features list.


Participate in the March Support Survey

Please let us know how we’re doing by completing the monthly Alert Support Survey. Congratulations to Tim with Suburban Rental in the greater Atlanta area, who won February’s support survey!

Click HERE to take the survey!

Everybody who completes the survey is entered into a random drawing for a prize! Usually the $50 Amazon card is the top pick, but you can get just about anything you’d like!


Colorado Springs experienced a “thunder blizzard” or “snowicane” yesterday. Winds were over 60 mph and the Alert Colorado Springs office was closed. Thankfully, Alert is on the Cloud and all the remote offices were up and running! (Let us know if you’d like information on Alert on the Cloud!)  We’d like to thank our remote staff for helping out even more than usual!


Also, we’re told the beer made it to it’s destination. Whew!