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Weekly Help Desk Notes 03-17-20

Alert Weekly Help Desk Notes & Support Survey!

Welcome to your weekly Help Desk Notes and Support Survey!


Ready to PAWS and learn more about Alert? Let’s go!

How to Use Alert to Mass Notify Your Customers

. These tips will be helpful  to reduce touch-costs going forward even when business
gets back to normal and you are busy and you need to communicate with yourcustomers.

Add A Message to Print on Your Contracts

In Codes & Setup, you can add a message to be printed on your contracts.
This is found in the Store Details page in Store Parameters.
Whether or not this will appear correctly on your customized forms will
vary based on your level of customization, so we recommend trying this in demo first.


Get Contact Information from Alert

Have you ever wanted to use Constant Contact or another program
to email your clients but have never got around to getting email
addresses out of Alert? Now is the perfect opportunity!

Here’s a report that you can copy into Report Writer and HERE are complete
instructions available to download. For professional looking results we
recommend using a commercial application such as Constant Contact or
Mail Chimp to communicate with your clients, or you can simply address an
email to yourself and BCC those on your list out of your regular email program.


Be Efficient In Document Center

Attachments can be sent with both invoices and statements in Document Center.
When you choose “Go” the system will as if you wish to send attachments.
The path for saving the attachments is also displayed.
(Let us know at the Help Desk if you need help accessing this.)
Your attachment can have a message about current events.

You can also use the Document Center to remind your customers of
your cancellation policy when sending open reservations for the
upcoming several weeks. When sending the documents, you’re able
to modify the text in your email for some or all of your transmission.
In the example below, I clicked on all three emails in the queue.
The message I type in the box will be sent to everyone.

Save time by adding a memo!
In the application configuration area, add what you’d like to say
so you and your staff don’t have to type it every time. Then when
you’re sending documents from Document Center, select the memo
and it will populate your message. If you’d like the complete documentation
on how to set this up, let us know!


Use Print Notes

Have you thought about using Print Notes to put messaging on your documents?
Add a note to the Print & Screen Note Library and attach the note to a specific sales item,
or add  it as a Print Note to certain tickets.


Thanks to Jennifer at Marianne’s Rentals in Oklahoma City for a suggestion:
If you need a way to track reservations that are put on hold,
pick a future date to move all reservations to. For example,
move all reservations to 12/31/20. Then you can easily see what reservations
will need to be moved or followed upon!

For a printable copy of these tips, click HERE.
Check out our website for past issues and as always,
let us know at support@alertms.com if you need help!


One of the joys of being a small business is the feeling of community
we share with our clients. We want to assure you that
we’re all in this together! In the spirit of that togetherness during
these uncertain times, we’re waiving all finance charges and are
open to arranging payment plans for outstanding invoices.
Please reach out to us at accounting@alertms.com if you’d like to discuss options.
We WILL get through this.


March Support Survey


Take the March Support Survey HERE!

Thank you for completing our Support Survey.
As you know, we read every comment.


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