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Cycle Billing

This message has two parts: for those who are already using cycle billing
for long term rentals and need to suspend them;
and for those who need to start them (i.e. those of you
event rental companies who are renting tents to healthcare facilities).


How to Stop and Re-Start Cycle Billing

To Suspend Cycle Billing:
On the original ticket, check the item in with the Pick-Up status.
This prevents the ticket from billing each month.
This marks the item for pickup and maintains the equipment as unavailable.

To Reactivate Cycle Billing:
Check the item(s) in on the original contract.
Access the rental portion of the contract and add the same item(s)
back onto the contract.
The item(s) will use the current date as the “bill from” date for the next billing cycle.

From the Action dropdown on the main screen of the contract,
select Split Ticket and split off the item(s) that are already checked in.
This will allow you to bill the invoice to charge for the time from
the original outdate to the “offrent” date. Notes can be added
to either ticket for clarification.


Cycle Billing for Long Term Rentals

If you’re not familiar with this feature, complete documentation is HERE.
And as always, feel free to contact us at the Help Desk and we’ll be
happy to answer your questions.
This feature is included at NO CHARGE and is ready to work in your system.

Cycle Billing will allow you to bill monthly for long-term rentals in one of two ways:
Renewal Billing will invoice in arrears while Advanced Billing will invoice immediately
for the upcoming rental month. Both bill either every week or four
weeks from the date the equipment goes out on rent until it returns.

When the Cycle Billing Process is run, the system will generate a new invoice for the
billing period that can be sent to the client. The original contract will track each billing
and the total billed to date. The system will adjust the final bill for you,
so there is no need to manually fix the final bill when the equipment is returned.
You can also see the total billed and the associated invoice numbers from
the log of the open contract (as pictured below.)

Alert also offers an add-on feature called Recurring Credit Card billing,
which works in conjunction with your Integrated Credit Card system and Cycle Billing.
During the cycle billing process, the credit card on file for the maste
contract will be charged and the invoice will be posted to the customer’s account.
Your customers will appreciate being automatically charged for their rental,
and you don’t have to manually follow-up with anybody!
Let us know if you’d like a bid for this feature.


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