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Ready to PAWS and learn more about Alert? Let’s go!

What to do During Downtime

Some of you have asked for suggestions on how to keep your employees productive while
you may be experiencing some downtime while observing social distancing guidelines.
We think this is an excellent opportunity for you to work on the business, instead of in the business.
The next few Weekly Help Desk Notes will highlight some suggestions of things that
will improve profitability and efficiency, with tools you already have access to.
If we mention an Advanced Alert feature, we’ll offer it to you free of charge through the end of the year.
Just let us know you’re interested at support@alertms.com!


Ever wonder how to do…that thing in Alert?
Did you know that we have training videos on our website?
If you’re not registered for the Knowledgebase, simply go to our website,
click on Login, and then click Register. This is an excellent opportunity to
view some of our longer training sessions, like ReportWriter.

If you navigate to the Webinar Recordings section and click on Webinar Recordings 2016,
a series of Report Writer recordings are here along with a few other gems like
Mobile Inventory Manager. (More on that below!)



Take Inventory

You know you need to do it! No time like the present.
Did you know that you can take inventory right from a tablet using
Mobile Inventory Manager? Let us know if you’re interested
and we’ll turn it on for you for free through the end of the year.
Be sure to watch the videos on how to do it!

If you’re a pen and paper person, use our built-in Physical Inventory for Sales Module.
This can be accessed through the File Maintenance Menu on the
tree on the main menu in Alert’s home screen – pictured below.
Complete documentation isHERE.

After you count inventory, Alert compares it to what’s in the system,
and then adjusts the system to match what’s actually in inventory.
When complete, a report is available that shows all adjustments made.

Mobile Inventory Manager works similarly – but online through a URL.
Documentation is HERE. Let us know if you’d like to try it out!


Update Data

Ready to do some data cleanup? We have some tools that can help you with that.
We offer three different Import/Export tools – one for Sales, one for Customers, and one for Assets.
Simply export your current data, make changes in Excel, and load it back it to your system. (IN DEMO!)
If you’re happy with the changes, load it in to your live side and  breathe a sigh of relief
that your data is all cleaned up. We normally charge a nominal fee for these tools
but you can have them for FREE now. Let us know!

Complete documentation is HERE.


April Support Survey


Take the April Support Survey HERE!

Thank you for completing our Support Survey.

We  haven’t reduced any staff during this economic crisis
and we’re all standing by to help, as usual.
Please let us  know any feedback you have for us!


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