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Weekly Help Desk Notes 05-01-19

Welcome to your weekly Help Desk Notes and Support Survey!

Look What Alert Can Do!

Welcome to Alert’s new weekly feature where we discuss things Alert does that you may not know about! Let’s PAWS and learn!

Sign & Rent, developed in conjunction with Alert by Volatile Studios, is an online signature software system designed for the rental industry.
Over the next couple weeks, we’re going to discuss some of the key features.
If you’d like more information, let us know at sales@alertms.com.

Counter Sign

Not only can your customers sign rental documents electronically on their own devices,
with CounterSign, they can sign documents right at your counter!

This capability eliminates the need for signature capture devices, and your customers
can see exactly what they’re signing while they’re right in front of you.
No need to purchase specialized, expensive hardware – a regular tablet will do.

Similar to the way Sign&Rent works out in the field  for  deliveries, the
seamless integration into Alert allows Sign&Rent to pull Alert contracts,
get them signed, and have them stored back in to Alert.
You then have the option of printing a paper copy of the fully
executed contract for the customer, or you can send them a PDF copy via email.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more at sales@alertms.com.
You can also visit signandrent.com for more information.


Version 19 News!

This Week’s Featured Enhancement

Cycle Billing Count and Bill thru Date are now shown on the ticket main screen.
Along with Split Count and Modification Count, you’ll be able to see
Cycle Billing statistics easier than ever before!

Call the Help Desk or email us at support@alertms.com to schedule your upgrade!

Want to see what’s included? Click HERE for the v.19 Features list.


May Support Survey


How is it MAY already??? Let’s kick off the new month with a new support survey!

Click HERE to take the survey!

Congratulations to Heath at Diamond Rental in the greater
Salt Lake City area for winning last month’s drawing!
Don’t miss out on an opportunity to let us know how we’re doing.
We read every single response and try to improve our numbers constantly.

More #DogsOfAlert!



   Allow me to introduce you to Mocha (left) and Ladybug!
These precious pups are with U-Cool Refrigeration out of Tacoma, WA.

If your furry friend needs a bandana, let us know at support@alertms.com.
We’ll get one right out to you, but you have to send us a picture of your #DogsOfAlert!

Watch for our new logo on upcoming bandanas!


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