Weekly Help Desk Notes 05-13-2020

Weekly Help Desk Notes May 13, 2020

This week’s Weekly Help Desk Notes are brought to you by Dalton! Dalton’s person is Lynne from US Mobile Kitchens in Maryland. Doesn’t he look helpful in his #DogsOfAlert bandana? Let us know at howdy@alertms.com if your companion would like one and we’ll send one to you. The only string attached is that you have to send us a picture back!

NER – National Equipment Registry

From our various group participation on social media, and hearing from our clients, we’ve learned about an alarming increase in equipment theft. We thought we’d take this time to remind you about our partnership with the NER – the National Equipment Registry.

What is the NER? The National Equipment Registry is a national database of equipment. ARA members can register 1,000 pieces of equipment for free, which increases the likelihood that the equipment will be returned to you. You can find out more information about the NER and ARA’s relationship HERE.(You may even be able to save a few bucks on your insurance!)

What does this have to do with your Alert system? Have you ever noticed the NER button on the main screen? We worked with the NER to provide this to you at no charge. When you press this button, you’ll get a report that’s ready to send to the NER with all the required information about your equipment!

To set this up (if it isn’t there already) simply navigate to System Codes > Application  Config in Codes & Setup. Choose which Fixed Asset ID field you want to use for Model Year, then type in Model Year, and then indicate which field you used on the bottom. (See highlights below.) You can even use import/export if you want to do a lot of them!

As always, let us know if you need any help at support@alertms.com!

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