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Weekly Help Desk Notes for June 17, 2020

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Summarized Printing

Do you ever need to select more than one serialized item for a rental order, but only want one line to show on the rental document? For example: your customer wants to rent 25 patio heaters, which are individual items. But you don’t want your customer to see all of them listed on your rental ticket. Welcome to Summarized Printing! Using this feature, your rental items and rental ticket will behave as they normally do with individual items, but your document will simply have a line item that says a quantity of 25 patio heaters instead of 25 individual lines. If you’re using Summarized Printing, there are options at the bottom of the screen when the ticket is generated. If “Summarize Individual Items by RC#” Is checked, all individually tracked items with the same Rental Class number on the ticket will be printed on one line. If any of these individual line items have notes attached to them, these notes will be printed below that line item in one summarized note.

In the above screenshot, if “Show Asset or Serial #” is checked, a note will be put below the summarized line item with all of the asset numbers or serial numbers, depending on which button is selected. If neither is checked, neither will print.

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