Weekly Help Desk Notes for July 8, 2020

Ready to PAWS and learn more about Alert? Let's Go!

This week's Weekly Help Desk Notes are brought to you by Toby and Chief of Sunflower Rentals / Blue Springs Rental in Topeka, Kansas. Thanks for the photo, Nicole! Does your four-legged companion need a #DogsOfAlert bandana? Just let us know at hello@alertms.com and we'll get one out to you right away!

You’ve heard all the buzzwords about analytics, but do you know what it means to your equipment rental business? How will you leverage the data that’s in Alert already, just waiting to be compared to other players in your market?

Enter Rouse Analytics – the rental industry’s exclusive source for benchmark rate and utilization data.

How does it work? Using a behind-the-scenes interface with Alert, Rouse analyzes your equipment rental metrics and compares them to over 160 other similar companies. You’ll be working with a sophisticated dashboard to see your metrics as compared to others in your market, outside your market, and to the rest of the country. You’ll never wonder if you’re leaving money on the table by undercharging again!

The integration to Alert is absolutely free to you, so reach out to Rouse for a demo today!

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Sharing your rental rates will actually increase your sales.

To share or not to share?
That is the age-old question.

And we’ve got an answer. Find out exactly why Alert’s rates are public on our website and how transparent pricing for your own customers can lead to more sales with our free download

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