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Alert Weekly Help Desk Notes & Support Survey!

Welcome to your weekly Help Desk Notes and Support Survey!


Frequently Asked Questions About Alert!

We thought we’d pause our features sections today to answer a few software support questions we’re
frequently asked. So without further ado, read on!


Q: Where can I find back issues of these weekly Help Desk Notes?

A: Right on our website! Simply go to www.alertms.com and navigate to the Blog section.
All back issues are there for your reference.

Q: How do I get an upgrade to the most
recent version? Is there a charge?

A: Welcome to Alert Version 19.10! As you’ve been reading about the past several months,
we’ve added a lot of new features to our newest revision. The upgrades are not automatic –
you need to contact us at the Help Desk so we can get you scheduled for your
FREE upgrade
. In the past, we charged for custom code re-integration, but we decided to
make that included as part of your Support Agreement.

Q: What is the After-Hours Service For?

A:  We ask that you reserve the After-Hours service for  emergencies only.
This includes not being able to print, or your system otherwise being down.
The reason we ask this favor is because our staff works normal business hours and
your call is finding the on- call person in bed, at dinner, getting a haircut, or a multitude of
places away from their desks. We are truly happy to help in an emergency, but ask that
you please email the Help Desk anything that can wait  until we’re back open.
However, don’t hesitate to call us in an emergency! That’s what we’re here for!

Q: I just got a bid for an edit to my contracts, and it
said that there was a charge! And that it would take
several weeks! Why?

A: We aren’t just willy-nilly estimating that it will take a couple of hours to edit your
contracts and nickel-and diming you. Promise! It really takes that long
to edit them. Even our most experienced technicians spend that much time editing
our contracts. We build in time for back-and-forth with you to load the contracts into your
demo system and make sure they’re perfect. We send a final bill for the actual time used,
and won’t bill you for  more than we quoted. (So if we  quoted you two  hours and
it only took one hour, the bill will be for one hour.) Those of you on Summit Support
can use your Easy Hours to offset the cost/hours, and others are sent a bid for a fair quote.
The contracts are edited as we’re able to work on them between your support calls,
which is why we quote a several week window.

Q: Who are the main players at Alert?
Who do I go to with an issue? 

A: The buck stops with Co-Presidents Mary Crosslin and Kara Longmire.
Mary has been with Alert for over 20 years, and Kara over 10. We bought the Company
from former owners Rob and Tom Ross in 2016 and have made a number
of changes since then. (Hopefully you think they’re for the better!) Lisa Segree
is the manager of Triage (the great folks who answer your phone calls and
e-mails) and we have a terrific staff of programmers headed by JP Chastagnol.
If you need to address anything, please feel free to reach out to one of us.

 Q: Help Me!!!

A: We’d love to help you! We are available for training sessions any number of ways.
1)  We can schedule training blocks with you on the phone via GoToMeeting in
manageable chunks of time.
2) We hold training classes in Colorado Springs. We have a great training facility
we partner with, so let us know when you’d like to come for training and
we’ll get on the schedule.
3) We can come to you! We’re happy to send one of our trainers to your location
for 2 or 3 days of Level II training. Just let us know!

Q: Alert doesn’t do something I want it to do. What do I do? 

A: Well, a lot of times, these questions are easily answered by our Help Desk or one
of or trainers. We’ve been at this since the ’70s, so there’s a really good chance that Alert
does exactly what you want it to do! If it doesn’t, there are a few alternatives. The first is to
let us know that you’d like to see it as a new feature and we’ll add it to the voting list to vote
at our annual IAUA User Conference. If the feature doesn’t get voted in and it’s still
important, let Mary know. We can have a conversation about it and take next steps.


September Support Survey 

The September Support Survey is live and ready for your feedback!
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Alert User Group Registration!

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This week’s featured event is Dashboard Overview. Have you been on Alert
for a long time and are used to getting around the system the way
you’re used to? Or are you just looking for a refresher on what all the
Dashboards do? Either way, this class is for you!
We’ll help you understand all the different tricks and features built
into the dashboards, and new features that are frequently added.
We promise you’ll learn tons of newthings!


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