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Weekly Help Desk Notes 11-06-19

 Alert Weekly Help Desk Notes & Support Survey!

Welcome to your weekly Help Desk Notes and Support Survey!


IAUA Sponsors!

Thank you to our IAUA Sponsors!
These Alert partners have worked with us to create industry-leading innovations,
are supportive of our users and our Conference, and develop inventive and
cost-saving efficiencies for all of you.

Join me in thanking our IAUA Sponsors for their support!


Volatile Studios (www.volatilestudios.com) is a full service web development, interactive
marketing, design, and technology agency that builds digitally-driven businesses.
Volatile enables its clients to strengthen their brands, improve operational performance,
and yield a strong ROI by delivering the framework for critically thought out and
efficient customer experiences. The Volatile Studios work portfolio includes websites,
multimedia, apps, CRM systems, mobile interactivity, database development,
design, corporate identity, ecommerce, advertising, web hosting,
marketing, and SEO/SEM.

Founded  in 1999 and based in Long Beach CA, Volatile’s clients include Toyota,
Lexus, Oakley, and the Port of Los Angeles research agencies. Through our long
partnership with Alert and our keen awareness of the Alert system, Volatile has
had the honor of building and/or supporting a large number of
Alert-integrated websites.

Our goal is to push the capabilities of your Alert data into the hands of rental
customers in a way that can change the industry.


Sign And Rent™(www.signandrent.com) is the world’s first seamlessly integrated,
web-based paperless rental contract management and signing system for rental
businesses. Sign And Rent™ includes integrated real-time contract signing via a
secure web site by using a finger, stylus, or mouse to “draw” the signature.
It works anywhere with Internet access, on virtually any smart phone,
tablet, or PC; i.e., on the store’s rental counter, on a job site,
or in the customer’s back office. Your customer can even sign on
his or her own device from anywhere, without your help,
simply by clicking a URL sent via e-mail.

With Sign And Rent you can also very easily take photos, write notes,
cross-check loading sheets, get signatures on any custom documents,
and even collect payment in real-time using our integrated Payment Form.


 helps equipment rental companies run more profitably.
It is where equipment owners come to easily find, buy, and sell what they need.
Finding the equipment and parts needed to run an operation has traditionally
been a very manual process. Equipment owners would browse many
websites and place many calls to find the best value on parts or equipment.
That same effort can now be done with one visit to Gearflow.com.

For Members, Gearflow.com is the only place to list unlimited inventory for
FREE on a branded storefront, generate complete ecommerce sales, and
access dashboard management tools. Members have the ability to passively
generate offers on their equipment and sell their parts while growing their business.

In 2020, Members will also have the ability to generate passive rentals
through the platform!

Alert offers a free interface with Gearflow.com – ask us for more information
and see Luke Powers at IAUA!

Please contact Sarah Wilcox (Sarah@gearflow.com 586.819.9012) or
Luke Powers (Luke@gearflow.com 630.780.7500) for more information.


Is your digital footprint keeping pace with the increasing demands and
expectations of your customers? The rental industry is always evolving,
and staying on top of the latest marketing systems and technologies can not
only help you find and convert your target customer–but ensure a
seamless and memorable experience with your brand.

Twelve Legs Marketing offers the most sophisticated, data-driven targeting
and conversion capabilities in the digital universe (SEO, SEM, display,geo-fencing,
mobile, email, and lead funnel growth), along with premium web
development, fine-tuned to improve your efficiencies through
automation, and ultimately, drive more sales.

Is your website as healthy as it can be? Request a complimentary
Website Health Check-Up and get easy to digest report and recommendations
on improving the top three areas for SEO success:


Please email Ralitsa@TwelveLegsMarketing.com to request your complimentary
report and recommendations. For information on services,
please visit www.TwelveLegsMarketing.com


November Support Survey 

Congratulations to Debra at Service Rentals in Hawaii, who won our
Support Survey drawing for October. Debra, thank you for completing your survey!
I think we should come thank you in person. 😉

Have something on your mind? Want to give a shout out to an Alert Staffer?
Have one minute to kill to check some boxes? Please let us know how we’re
doing in our Support Survey!

Our favorite comment this week: Cindy is the best! Love her.
She always follows up with me on status and finds the answers
for me if she doesn’t already know them.

Click HERE to take the survey!


Alert User Group Registration!

Our Annual User Group Meeting is NEXT WEEK!!!
We are so excited to see all of you who are planning to attend!
We’ll send you a roundup next week of the voting list winners,
next year’s dates/location, and highlights from the conference.

Friendly Reminder: to those of you who won’t be attending the Conference,
please hold your non-urgent Support Calls until the conference is over
since our Help Desk will be a skeleton crew.


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