Alert Weekly Help Desk Notes & Support Survey!

Welcome to your weekly Help Desk Notes and Support Survey!


Year End Procedures

Remember to complete your Year-End Procedures for Alert!
Let us know at if you have any questions!

Find a copy of the procedures HERE.


View Ticket Details from sales Commitment Screen

An Alert user-voted enhancement is the ability to view ticket details from
the Sales Commitment screen.

This screen can be found in the sales item portion of a ticket -> View ->
Availability – F6 Details.
So when you are in a ticket and you want to view the availability for
a particular sales item, you can now see what other tickets the sales item
is on, and view the ticket details.

This enhancement is available in v19.12 and higher!

Sort Delivery/Pickup Board by Area

Another User-Voted new feature available in Alert v.19.12 and higher is the ability
to sort the Delivery/Pickup board by delivery area. You’ll notice the new BLUE column.
Any blue column header throughout Alert software is a sortable field.

Download a printable copy of these tips HERE!


Voting List Winners!

In case you missed the announcement last week,
here are the items voted in by Alert users at your annual
conference in November.
Simply click HERE to see the list!

Have a suggestion for the next voting list?
Send it to us at
Do you have a suggestion for a class topic or something
you’d like to learn more about at the conference next year?
Let us know at!


December Support Survey

Have you completed your December Support Survey yet?
We love it when you do!
There are just three questions and it only takes a minute.
Complete the December Support Survey Here

We had some particularly wonderful comments last week
and our staff was lit up like a Christmas tree
(see picture!) with the compliments!
We read and address every comment so don’t be shy.

Remember, you’ll be entered to win a prize for completing the survey!


Winter Holiday Office Closures

The Alert offices will be closed Wednesday December 25
and Wednesday January 1st in observance of Christmas and New Year.
Happy Holidays!