Weekly Help Desk Notes 5-7-20

Weekly Help Desk Notes May 7, 2020

Kits Kits Kits!

Let’s talk kits! What’s a kit? It’s a rental item that is divided into pieces. The most used example is a tent that is made of several different individual pieces, such as walls and poles. Your customer sees a 20×20 tent on their rental ticket, but your staff sees all of the individual pieces that make up the kit. The price for a kit includes all of the kit pieces. For instance, the tent is priced at your rental class rate and ignores the pricing of the component pieces. Sub kits can be used to quickly re-configure tents based on parts availability (i.e. use 15′ mids in lieu of 10′ mids.)

Tents are just the beginning and kits aren’t just for event rental! Kits can be used for all  sorts of imaginative configurations such as heaters with their related  parts,  or  a concession kit. Dynamic kits would work great with skidsteers and their attachments, and many tool/general rental stores kit things like pumps and air tools with all their components so nothing is forgotten. This makes it easier and faster to write a ticket!

To start a kit, create a Rental Class to represent the kit header. Then mark Y for Kit and decide if you want to post the earnings to the header or to the individual pieces.

There are a few other other steps, and we will be happy to send you complete documentation. Just let us know at support@alertms.com! The documentation also includes an explanation of related items, which is how to charge for extra items outside your kit. For instance, propane is a related item for a patio heater and charged separately.

If you want to build a lot of similar kits, remember that we have a kit copy option! From the related items screen, simply click on Copy and enter the rental class you wish to copy.

Simply adjust the quantities to the appropriate size and voila! A new kit!

A note about sales items: we’re working on making kits configurable for sales items. (Yay!) For now, you can certainly add a sales item to a rental kit. For instance, add popcorn to a  kit called “Popcorn for 100”.

Kits are kind of tough to figure out, so our Help Desk is on call! Summit Support, you can consider using some of your EasyHours for help figuring out which kits to set up since there are so many options, from distributed kits to dynamic kits to sub kits.

Finally, be sure to check out our video on Nested Kits on the Knowledgebase! Let us know at support@alertms.com if you need help logging in.

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