Weekly Help Desk Notes 7-29-2020

Weekly Help Desk Notes for July 29, 2020

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Rental Rolling Inventory Report

As you know, Alert is jam-packed with about a zillion reports. (This is only a slight exaggeration.) We’d be willing to bet you haven’t seen all of them!
We’d like to bring your attention to a powerhouse of a report – the Rental Rolling Inventory Report. This report shows where your entire rental inventory is – perfect for taking inventory! Or if you’re just curious to know what’s where. (In fact our wildly popular Mobile Inventory Manager was based on this report! Let us know at sales@alertms.com if you’d like more information on the Mobile Inventory Manager!)
You can run this report by rental class, by group, and by location. You can get as a broad or as as specific as you want! The output lists the RC# and name of the asset, the Group, how many are owned, how many are out, pulled, subrented, and how many are projected to be purchased. Below is a shot of the report headings so you can see what valuable information is available!
This report can be accessed from the Ticket screen in the Dispatch pull-down menu.

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