Weekly Help Desk Notes for March 11, 2021

Change your Alert reports broswer!

New Memo Feature in Version 20

Are you using the memo options within Alert when sending out your tickets and invoices? There is a cool new feature within version 20 that allows you to add a hyperlink to your memos! You can link your website, or customer portal! You will need to put the full url in the memo. 


COVID Relief Update


There’s been so much news and information about the various stimulus plans passed by Congress for the COVID-19 crisis, and some may have fallen between the cracks. We asked our CPAs about one that was mentioned last week in one of the Facebook groups we participate in – the Employee Retention Credit. Previously, companies were ineligible for this credit if they got a PPP loan. However, Congress recently adjusted their rules and now companies are eligible for this credit if they had a 50% reduction in revenue for any quarter last year as compared to 2019. We encourage you to ask your financial professionals about this and get all the help that is available to you!