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Weekly Help Desk Notes for 05/05/2021

Weekly Help Desk Notes for May 5, 2021

Default payment types for customers

Starting with version 20, you now have the option to set customer types to default to a specific payment type. This works great for your cash customers if they generally pay by credit card. It also helps eliminate any accidental cash payments at the counter.

To set this up, simply go to Codes and Setups – Customer Codes and click on the Customer Types Tab.*The AR payment type can only be associated to the AR customer. 


Bypassing the landing page in v20

Did you know that you can bypass the landing page and open directly to the Counter, Counter Dashboard, Work Order, even the Time Card system?


When you log into Alert, from the File dropdown, choose User Settings. Choose the Main Menu tab and select the option you wish to use from the “On Login, Jump to” field.

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