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Weekly Help Desk Notes for September 2, 2020

Alert Users Group Conference 2020!

Registration is OPEN for this year’s VIRTUAL conference!
Ready to hear more about Alert’s Virtual Users Conference this year? Although Earlybird registration has ended, regular registration of both our FREE track and our $125 track are still open! (Please note that even free sessions require registration!)
Why should your staff register for the Alert Users Conference?
Did you know that even if you register for the free track, you’ll have access to some recorded videos? Eventually these will be available on our Knowledgebase for training, but you’ll be able to see them right away as soon as the event is live. What are some of these recorded sessions? So glad you asked! Accounting Best Practices, Codes & Setup, Commissions, and MUCH more! Be prepared to get more than ever out of your Alert system, and make it work as hard as you do.
Ready to register? Click HERE to learn more and register!

A Tip This Week

We lovingly refer to this section as our “Tips and Tricks” section, so this week it’ll be more of a general tip than an Alert trick. But it’s important so bear with us!
We want to stress the best practice of keeping your system up-to-date. Usually when we say this kind of thing, we’re referring to keeping your Alert system updated. And that’s super important! With every release, we not only give you a bucket of new features, but we squash those bugs you find for us.
This tip is more system-wide. We suggest that you keep your operating system and your anti-virus software up to date. Even if you’re running Alert EasyVault, it still takes a little time (and hassle) to get your system back up and running if you succumb to a vulnerability. For example, Microsoft released this important patch to update your security a couple months ago:
This addressed some terrifying-sounding attack protocol and we’d sure rest easier knowing that all of you keep your systems updated.

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