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Weekly Help Desk Notes for September 2, 2020

Alert Users Group Conference 2020!

You can still register for the Alert Users Conference!
Ready to hear more about Alert’s Virtual Users Conference this year? Although Earlybird registration has ended, regular registration of both our FREE track and our $125 track are still open! (Please note that even free sessions require registration!)
Why should you register for the Alert Users Conference?
Let’s talk about a very interactive session, and a premium example of why we pride ourselves with our collaborative efforts with Alert users. On Wednesday, November 4th at 11:30 MT, those of you who selected the paid admission will have the opportunity to attend a Work Order Subcommittee. Led in conjunction with one of our clients, and a heavy user of Work Orders, we’ll be discussing enhancements and improvements YOU’D like to see in the Work Order module. Be prepared to come with some great ideas!
Ready to register? Click HERE to learn more and register!

Function Keys - Explained

Have you ever looked at the menu of a screen and seen a button that says F7Comm and wondered to yourself, what the heck does that mean???
Wonder no more! Simply go to the Help Dropdown and select Screen Help. A list of the Function Keys and an explanation of their purpose is displayed.

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