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Weekly Help Desk Notes for 12/09/20

Weekly Help Desk Notes for September 2, 2020

Alert v.20 is here!

Remember to get on the list for your v.20 upgrade! Contact us at support@alertrental.com to secure your place in line. The features list can be found HERE so you can see what cool things we added in this revision.
Remember, this upgrade isn’t automatic! We need to schedule time with you to review your system and make necessary updates.
One of the biggest changes to Alert v.20 is the landing page. Instead of the grid you see now, you’ll see a ribbon with the usual choices (Ticket, Work Orders, Customer, etc.)

The ribbon can stay in the default order, or the ribbon can learn what you use most frequently and put those items in the front. For instance, if you write tickets most of the time, the Ticket icon will be first. You have the ability to choose how you’d like it. Simply go to the File dropdown menu on the main screen to User Settings.

There are a lot of options here, but let’s just discuss the ribbon for today. On the User Settings pop-up, click on the Main Menu tab. You can select “Fixed” or “By Usage” depending on how you’d like your ribbon to appear.
Alternately, if you typically go to one part of the system (such as Dispatch Dashboard) and want to skip the home screen all together, you can select where to go as soon as you login! Simply select your choice on the “On Login, Jump to” dropdown menu.

You may be looking at these images and wondering “what’s a widget????” We’ll get to that next week so stay tuned!

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