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Weekly Help Desk Notes for 12/16/20

Weekly Help Desk Notes for September 2, 2020

Alert v.20 is here!

Remember to get on the list for your v.20 upgrade! Contact us at support@alertrental.com to secure your place in line. 
Remember, this upgrade isn’t automatic! We need to schedule time with you to review your system and make necessary updates.
One of the biggest changes to Alert v.20 is the landing page. Last week we showed you that instead of the grid you see now you’ll see a ribbon with the usual choices (Ticket, Work Orders, Customer, etc.)
This week, let’s look at the bottom of the screen – the Widgets! A Widget is a tile on the bottom of your home screen with really useful stuff on it! You can have one, two, or three of them, and they can be styled traditionally (white background) or glass (transparent.) Here’s what they look like in our demo system. They don’t look very big here, but this image would take up the width of your screen. The ones on the left and center are traditional, and the one on the right is glass.
To set up your widgets, go to File > User Settings > Main Menu. You are able to customize the number, location, type, and style of the widget here.
In our example, we have the Checklist, Favorites, and Web Links. Favorites and Web Links operate the same way they do now, and the Checklist is totally new!! Just click in a box and start adding items to your checklist. You can even have more than one checklist! And if you get confused, click the ? and this handy help box pops up:
As a quick reminder, to add a report to your Favorites list simply click on the Help menu in a report screen and choose Add to Favorites. The report will then appear on your home screen so you don’t have to remember where to find it! To add a website to your favorite website list, just type in the url or paste it from the website.
Also new in v.20, you’ll now be able to add specific custom reports to your favorites! Can I get a woo-hoo???!!!
We’ll be adding more widgets, so stay tuned!

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