Weekly Help Desk Notes for August 12, 2020

Ready to PAWS and Learn More About Alert? Let's Go!

This week’s Weekly Help Desk Notes are brought to you by Duke! Duke is modeling our new #DogsOfAlert bandana and looks quite handsome, if we do say so ourselves. Fun fact about Duke: every time Mary and Kara have a video chat, he bounds downstairs from his napping spot to say hello to Mary! (If you’ve never seen a bulldog bound down stairs, you haven’t lived.)
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Want to Save Time???

We know that there are still some of you out there who aren't using Alert's Integrated Credit Card processing feature. There has never been a better time to bring this technology into your business! Credit cards aren't going away - in fact they look to be replacing cash in a germ-conscious society. May as well embrace them and see how they can help you become more efficient and profitable. Before we expand on the virtues of Integrated Credit Card Processing, we'd like to announce a limited-time offer to have this module free of charge! If you choose one of Alert's two preferred processors, you will receive this at absolutely no charge from us.

Next, the fantastic benefits:
  • Time savings. Client Glenn is stoked at how quickly everything moves at the counter. Since this feature stores credit cards (compliantly, in the cloud), you simply hit Enter and charge the card.
  • Money Savings. Do you like saving money? We like saving money! Ask us how clients switching to our preferred vendor have saved BIG. Not just a little bit – a lot. There’s even potential for Level II processing savings.
  • PCI Compliant. Are you sure what you’re using now is compliant? With fast-moving changes, we value our partnerships with top-notch companies keeping up with the latest regulations.
  • Completely Integrated. The same way you select cash or AR payment, you select credit card and the card is charged. No more walking to a different terminal, typing in approval codes, or worst of all – writing numbers down on a post-it-note to run later. (If you change nothing from reading this newsletter, please stop doing that ASAP.)
  • Fast. In the time it takes to press a button, the card is charged and authorization is returned to you.
  • Recurring Credit Card Billing Available. Do you cycle bill? Do you wish you had the ability for Alert to automatically charge the card whenever you do cycle billing? We can do that!
  • Choices. Swipe a card, key in a card, or use a stored card. Integrated Credit Card Processing can do it however you like.
  • Take All Cards. Do you take Visa? MasterCard? AmEx? Discover? You can still take those cards through Alert!
  • Integrate with Website & Sign&Rent. Our Integrated Credit Card Module works alongside your website, Customer Portal, and Sign&Rent.
  • Easily Refund Deposits. Need to refund a deposit to the same card it was charged on? Easy! Push a button!
  • Enhanced Security Features. Security levels to change or delete cards at the counter; only last-4 digits visible; refund amounts never over the original charge.
  • Contactless Payment. Use one of our preferred vendors, and your clients can pay using their phones or contactless enabled card. Swipes and EMV chips are also read.
You may think that you can’t afford Integrated Credit Card processing. Now more than ever, you can’t afford NOT to have it.
Can you tell that we’re passionate about this product? If you don’t believe us and want references of clients who have recently installed this feature, let us know and we’ll hook you up!
As always, let us know at support@alertms.com if you have any questions! And let us know at info@alertrental.com if you’d like to get started. We’ll assign a project manager and get you on your way to time and money savings! You literally have nothing to lose!

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