Weekly Help Desk Notes for 8/5/20

Weekly Help Desk Notes for August 5, 2020

Ready to PAWS and Learn More About Alert? Let's Go!

We got in a new shipment of bandanas! Pepper is modeling one for you – what do you think? (Unsurprisingly, it is really difficult to get an order of bandanas right now and we are delighted that our supplier was able to find some!)
Let us know at hello@alertms.com if your companion would like one! All we ask in return is for a picture!

Attention Event Stores!

If you want your usage information to be absolutely correct (and who doesn't?), take a minute (or less!) to check your default out/in times on your tickets. In Codes & Setup, navigate to Store Parameters > Store Hours. We encourage you to use no later than 23:57 and no earlier than 00:01 for reliable usage rebuild. So if your OUT time is set to 00:00:00 or your IN time is set to 23:59:00, then change to the correct times. We are seeing some issues with availability (things showing available when they are not) when those times are not correct, and we want everyone's availability to be spot-on! As always, let us know at support@alertms.com if you have any questions!

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