Weekly Help Desk Notes for 9/2/20

Weekly Help Desk Notes for September 2, 2020

Alert Users Group Conference 2020!

In case you missed it, registration is OPEN for this year’s VIRTUAL conference!
Have you had a chance to look at Alert’s VIRTUAL Users Conference this year? We’ve already started creating and practicing our classes so we’ll be bringing you the best content ever! Speaking of content, we’ve added new classes to the agenda:
Best Practice Roundtable: Rental Contracts will be offered Monday, 11/2 at 3pm MT. We’ll be focusing on what you should and shouldn’t do with your rental contracts, led by Alert User Group Board Member Andrew Heesacker, President of Arvada Rent-Alls. This will be an interactive discussion for both event and equipment operations, with special guest attorney James Waite participating. Come prepared with your questions!
Diversity in Hiring will focus on workforce diversity. The evidence is clear that the more diverse the workforce, the better the competitive advantage. Alert user Sharlane Sanchez, VP, Human Resources of Arena Americas, will be leading this thought-provoking discussion. Remember to bring a pen and paper as we’ll be sure to learn a lot of great strategies!
The Sub-Rental Subcommittee will meet to discuss improvements to Alert’s Sub-Rental Module. Recommendations from this subcommittee are submitted to Alert’s development team to provide direction for future enhancements. Do any of your other software systems give you direct input into new features?? Be sure to take advantage of this, and all the other roundtables and subcommittees!
Do you offer incentives or commissions to your clients or venues? The External Incentives Roundtable will focus on a new feature Alert is adding to automate this system. We’ve already interviewed a number of clients who pay incentives, and want to get the most input we can before we complete development. Join us!
Go to our event page HERE to read all about the event, browse the agenda, and register!

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