Weekly Help Desk Notes for September 2, 2020

Alert Users Group Conference 2020!

In case you missed it, registration is OPEN for this year’s VIRTUAL conference!

Ready to hear more about Alert’s Virtual Users Conference this year? Stay tuned to your email on Friday where we’ll be talking more about this unique event! Remember – earlybird registration for paid registration ends on September 30th! On October 1st, prices increase from $99 to $125. But we do have an AWESOME free track!


Also, if you have registered for the event but haven’t selected your classes, be sure to do so! You won’t be allowed inside a session unless you’ve registered for it! Unlike our in-person conference, you can’t wander in and out of sessions – you have to be registered for them to attend.


After you buy your ticket (including the free ones) just click on Agenda to register for individual sessions.


Ready to register? Click HERE to learn more and register!

Ledger Card

Do your customers ever ask for a summary of their account? Perhaps they’re being audited, or a check was misapplied and you need to get them an overview of their account that shows everything billed and all payments applied to specific invoices.


You may already know about the 12 Month Ledger Card, which shows exactly that information. Find it in a specific customer’s account under Reports > Ledger Card (Past 12 Months). Choosing this option will automatically generate the report for the last 12 months of information and you’re then able to print it for your clients, or drop it into Excel.


But what if you need it for a period that’s not the past 12 months? Easy! Simply back out one screen and from the main customer screen select AR/Financial > AR/Financial Reports > Ledger Card. From here you’re able to select a specific customer and date range!

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