IAUA, the International Alert Users Association, meets annually. For the past 33 years, the conference has focused on Alert EasyPro users’ wishes for what they want their technology investment to accomplish. Since our users are the most profitable rental operators in the industry, and we value our relationships with them, we listen!

This year’s conference is in Colorado Springs, November 5-6, 2018. The Great Wolf Lodge will be hosting this year’s event, and we’re excited to announce that they have allocated 100% of their enormous conference space to our group. Not only will other meetings not interfere with ours, but we’re able to have more breakout sessions than ever before!

But why should YOU attend? Let’s hear from the experts – other International Alert Users Association attendees! Rick Meier, owner of Power Trip Rentals: “I personally find that it is important to foster a communicative relationship with our vendors. This is most important when it concerns a vendor that directly effects your operation and profitably. These annual meetings help us strengthen our relationship and put a face on our daily interactions, through access to the Alert EasyPro decision makers. What is equally important is meeting with the many Alert users attending the conference. Each individual uses Alert in a different way. It is so helpful to be able to compare and contrast our business in order to solve operational challenges with other users.”

Robb Corwin, CEO of Pride Group, says “My team looks forward to the IAUA every year as a place to be heard and influence the development of the software that runs our business while collaborating with others in our industry to overcome the challenges we face on a daily basis. The Alert EasyPro software is so powerful that no one person can learn it all at one time. Each year we come back to the conference, we take back useful tips, processes or modules that make us more profitable and efficient. IAUA is uniquely designed to provide quality information to owners, managers and basic users. As an added bonus, you will develop friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Beth Hoff-Blackmer, President of Aspen Rent-All, and who is running for the President of the American Rental Association, says: “I have attended IAUA for 19 years straight. I always learn from my rental colleagues new ideas to implement in my business and being able to help with the direction of the software that runs my business is fabulous! I also always learn things the software can presently does that I was unaware of (or had forgotten!) I believe it is a few of the best days of the year for sharing and learning!”

Jennifer Rodrigues of Marianne’s Rentals notes: “The Alert [Users’] conference has always been a great resource for our company throughout the years. In the most recent years, as I have taken a more active role in the overall running of our company, the network around the Alert Users has been invaluable to me. To have an input in the direction a software company is willing to go is a powerful tool for your company. Then add the networking opportunities and the contacts that you develop, this is one of the most fruitful events we attend annually. We used to attend every few years. We now make sure that we plan to go every year. It has made a huge impact on our staff and the development of our company. We are very pleased with Alert and the hard work they put in to create such a unique conference for rental companies to come together and work on their business.”

Seth Berk, President of Marquee Event Group: “I attend IAUA for the ability to be meet with the Alert staff in person to discuss and brainstorm solutions to our unique challenges, and to network with other rental companies with similar operations and we discuss how to best to utilize the software.”

We hope to welcome the biggest group of Alert EasyPro users in history this November!


For more information on Alert EasyPro, contact us at sales@alertms.com.