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Alert Management Systems is pleased to announce a new integration with SmartEquip. We’re thrilled to offer this integration as a baseline feature to all Alert rental software users! What does that mean to you? When an Alert user upgrades to v.19, this smart new integration is already included in the system!

We’re especially excited about this integration for two reasons: First, our tool and equipment rental operators get something useful, new and exciting for free! The only step these rental businesses need to take is sign up for an account with Smart Equip. Since so many of Alert’s users already use this application, an integration with Alert software was the next logical step. Second, this feature was born out of discussions at our annual User Conference – proving time and again how valuable the Conference is to successful rental businesses. We listen to our users’ feedback and drive the future of Alert rental software directly from our expert clients.

So, what exactly is SmartEquip? This smart application reduces touch costs by automating ordering procedures for parts. When a piece of machinery needs a part, the technician logs into the SmartEquip database for the part and orders it. Since savvy Alert users use both the Work Order Module and the Purchase Order Module, the integration between the two platforms made a great deal of sense. Now Alert EasyPro software users can order a part straight from the Work Order when servicing a piece of machinery. Alert will “ask” SmartEquip for the part during the repair, then open a Purchase Order to buy it. What does that mean for Alert users? Less time ordering and more time working! The correct part will be ordered, and all inventory and purchase records will be correct and up to date.

This new automated ordering system integration is available in Alert v.19. The integration is operational in tool and equipment rental businesses already – contact us for your upgrade! Remember, upgrades are FREE for Alert clients who maintain a Support plan!

For more information on Alert, contact us at sales@alertms.com.

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