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From tents to tablecloths, we’ve got you covered.

Why event rental software and party rental software matters! … We understand event and party rental management and all the tiny details that go into flawlessly fulfilling an order. For decades, we’ve been working with top event rental companies to develop and enhance technology that saves time and effort while creating something amazing. Continue to make beautiful memories while we handle the rest. We are here to make events – just like yours – something to remember and celebrate. 

One must realize that a rental system provider is not just a vendor. Rather, they are a partner. We lean on Alert Rental for advice and talk to our user group rental colleagues, for advice and assistance. Their feedback and assistance has been invaluable.

Inventory Management

Manage rentals in real-time

With inventory management that thinks like you do—you’ll never have to send your staff to count things again. We continually make improvements to our rental software to guarantee the fastest and most reliable productivity in event rental management. With features like ours, we continue to support your needs.

Our client's favorite features:

Accurate Inventory

Real-time inventory tracking means that your system matches what's actually in the warehouse. Imagine that.

Impressive Integrations

Enjoy some alphabet soup while you integrate with leading GPS, CAD, CRM and other software packages.

Customer Service

Provide even better service with no over-bookings and a complete SubRental package. Send personalized emails and payment links - you've never looked better.

Send Documents with a Click

Alert enables you to send open tickets, work orders, invoices, statements and so much more from one central location.

How it works (3:05)

Learn about Alert's Operator Dashboard and Document Center.

FAQ about Alert's Party and Event Rental Management Software

Alert Rental has been working in the event rental industry for over 45 years, and we understand that every business is different. We help you customize Alert’s software based on your operations. We make sure your specific needs are met, or we find a solution together.  

We know that the event industry has busy seasons. (They all seem busy these days!) We are truly a collaborative business partner and want to support you, so schedule a (short, no-pressure, customized) demo with our team to see how we can help. We will meet whenever you have the time and will work on your schedule.

Implementation goes on your schedule, too! Your Project Manager will guide you along using our collaborative tools. One step at a time!

This is the part we love because we get to spend some time getting to know you and train you. You never have to figure any of it out on your own! You’ll be assigned a project manager who will walk you through every step of the way. Bring any hesitations to us – we can help!

Stuck writing a ticket after your training? Have new staff? We’ve got you covered with our award-winning Next Step Navigator. Just click a button and you go right to the next step in the process. (Or call us! We’re always happy to help!)

The good news is that you do not have to have it all figured out. More good news: Alert is extremely robust right out of the box. Once you decide you want to use Alert Rental Software, we will help figure out which features and tools will work best for your company. You may find that one feature will solve the exact problem you have been experiencing, and you can start with that one! Our team will teach you about our other features that may inspire you to make a switch. 

You don’t hang around the rental industry for nearly half a millennium without making a few connections. We can hook you up with some of our clients for a candid conversation and references. Want to talk to an Alert client similar to you? We’ll arrange that. Want to talk to someone who’s where you want to be? We can make that happen, too! If you’re switching from another software and want to see how someone else on the same software handled the switch to Alert, let us know!

Ultimately, we believe in partnerships – not pressure.

You can have attachments to tickets, customers, venues, rental items, and more. Any attachments in PDF form will automatically be available to email along with the ticket, right from Alert’s Document Center. 

Inventory is, of course, assigned to its home location. However, availability can be viewed by location, regionally, or system-wide. You can manually move inventory, create a transfer ticket, or the system will prompt if a location change is needed when the inventory is checked in to a different location.

Yes. The Dispatch Dashboard color-codes employees as they are assigned to routes within the day.

The answer is YES! We’ll install Alert wherever you like. Smaller organizations can use a Windows machine as a server, while larger organizations will need a dedicated Server. We are happy to host your server in our secure, professionally managed, Cloud as well!

Alert can help you grow! We can scale with you to help you achieve your growth dreams. We’ll work with you to add new locations and new users whenever the need arises. With our upfront pricing, you’ll know from the start exactly how much it will cost.

Alert’s robust reporting capabilities include literally HUNDREDS of reports built right in to the system. The reports can be scheduled to print straight to a certain printer, or even to be emailed to a certain person (who doesn’t even have to be in your organization! Your accounting folks will love this!) We’ve got the basic reports like pull period changes and ticket logs, and we’ve got mobile reports too. Find everything you need on the go! Don’t see what you need? Talk to us and we’ll work with you to get the report you want.

Don't take our word for it

It’s one thing to toot your own horn. We went straight to the source to ask our clients how they feel about Alert Rental Management Software: 


Average years our clients have been using Alert Rental. Some longer, some are new, but we applied some mathiness and were delighted (but not surprised) to see this level of longevity. 

80 %

Percentage of customers who are delighted with Alert Support. We’re 100% delighted to help!


Amount of years our longest tenured Alert client has worked with us. We’re in this relationship for the long haul!

Jeffrey Knoepke

Serving Alert clients since 1988

Software doesn’t solve problems. People do.

At Alert Rental, we believe in doing business with people, not companies. We see ourselves as your technology partner and not just another vendor. Because of this, we provide many opportunities for growth and success starting behind the scenes with these features: 

Client support in under two minutes - or as long as it would take to dial the number

100+ user-driven improvements implemented every year based on client feedback

Yearly user conference to share software recommendations to make future changes

Our small but mighty staff has over 400 years of accumulated rental experience

Support request

5 reasons why:

Sharing your rental rates will actually increase your sales.

Find out exactly why Alert’s rates are public on our website and how transparent pricing for your own customers can lead to more sales with our free download