One of Alert’s core values is that we see ourselves as partners of our clients rather than simply vendors. Working together, we can make a huge impact – in your business, in the Alert rental software, and in the rental industry.

How we help along the way

We don't have salespeople

The entire process of selecting rental software should be all about you. Our Application Consultants will work with you to show you a customized demo of how Alert will work with your business in a no-pressure environment.

We fit your processes

Why should you have to change your proven and effective processes? We'll work with you to implement Alert - we won't propose a cookie-cutter solution.

Software support

You're up and running - now what? Call us, email us, or even stop by the office. We even automate your server reporting issues before you get to work.

Opportunity for user feedback

With the longest running User Conference in the industry, Alert's software is driven with true collaboration. Let us know what you want to see next!

We believe in doing business with people not companies


Our annual conference

For nearly 40 years, Alert has hosted a User Conference – even before anyone understood the value of taking direction from their clients. What started with some butcher paper and magic markers has grown into a high-tech gathering of the industry’s most profitable rental operators. Over the course of three days, our singular focus is YOU. We offer training classes, advisory councils, voting on future enhancements, and networking. And lots of hugs.

I'll come to these user groups, learn different ways to use Alert, and it's all about profit coming to the group. I go home supercharged every time. One of the points of the user group is that we all get to come here and input the direction of the software development.

You tell your people you're going to a conference about a software company and it's because you have a partnership with them. It's a bond. they have your company at heart. It's specific to the needs for your company.

We'll help you pick your package

Just like your rentals aren’t one-size-fits-all, neither is Alert rental management software. We will happily work with you to customize your package to your exact specifications. And not only will we tailor your software, we’ll customize your demo.

Support request

5 reasons why:

Sharing your rental rates will actually increase your sales.

Find out exactly why Alert’s rates are public on our website and how transparent pricing for your own customers can lead to more sales with our free download