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All of us here at Alert Rental™ feel a sense of pride because we work with people like you to deliver a powerful equipment rental software & rental inventory management system, focused on increasing your profitability.

Sure, your business can be found on a Google search under equipment rental, but that doesn’t fully describe what you do?

Alert Rental Equipment Rental Software Solves These Problems—and More

We’re proud of our products and how they help our partners work easier days while still turning a profit.

Alert Rental Equipment Management Examples

You provide the tools that this country needs to keep building, from a handheld drill to a massive backhoe. You rent to events and parties, making everything from wedding dreams to 50th anniversary plans a beautiful reality.

And some of you rent equipment so specialized and ingenious that certain jobs might not even be possible without your business. So our team knows they have an important mission: to provide you with equipment rental software that suits your exact needs. And that means listening to you.

Every year, we develop and implement more than one hundred changes to our software—all of them from user suggestions. In this unprecedented year, our service specialists have been talking to our customers every day to find out what you need and how your needs have changed.

And our software has changed right along with it, by focusing on the needs our customers say they most want addressed:

My Equipment Rental Management Software Must:

“Be a powerful tool for customer service.”

You love your customers. But now, more than ever, customer service expectations are sky-high. And with many new safety and health protocols in place, customer service also means they demand increased comfort at the point-of-delivery.

“Maximize our inventory in both rental and resale markets.”

Your inventory has to be in play, whether you’re renting or reselling. Equipment rental businesses need to leverage their assets for every dollar they can.

“Take away my inventory management headaches.”

The work of maintaining and tracking your inventory can be tedious and time-consuming. Unfortunately, an overly complicated and confusing inventory system can cost a lot of precious time, money, and effort. 

“Help us strike a balance between inventory expansion and my company’s day-to-day revenue needs.”

Businesses are always balancing the competing needs of expansion and cash flow. Equipment rental revenue—especially in the past year—can be challenging to track and predict.

Alert Rental elevates customer service.

You’ll learn more about our inventory tracking systems below—and their precision will help you avoid double bookings and missed deliveries.

Our software starts making your customers feel great before they even rent. Our E-Commerce Developers Tool Kit has taken the online rental revolution and made it easier for your customers and you. We help you provide potential renters with a sleek, responsive, and credit card secure site. 

Our Tool Kit also knows your needs. It allows you to control who rents, for how much, and when. 

We’ll back up your E-Commerce rental site with a whole suite of web services, led by our team of developers.

 Our Sign and Rent technology makes it possible for your customers to sign their contracts and pay their bills from anywhere.

Worried if that delivery will be on time (or if you’ll be getting an angry phone call)? One of our customer’s favorite Alert features is the Dispatcher Dashboard. This easy-to-use graphic interface saves you time and paper costs by allowing you to create routes, track your staff, and help them out if they get lost—with our one-click “map to GPS” feature.

Our software’s Event Functionality is a top choice of The Special Event Top 30 and the #1 choice of the top 10.

Why? Event planners and their clients can focus on having a great time—because you’re able to respond to their every need. You can provide clear event pricing with computer-generated drawings of your inventory, split and merge tickets, even send out mass event notifications with an email or a text.

Alert Rental is ALSO equipment management software—which helps drive your revenue.

Our products help you find every possible rental and resell opportunity. Our software tracks and send you alerts for all repairs, work orders, and preventative maintenance. Your equipment will be in the shape it needs to rent or sell at all times. 

But when it comes to maximizing your inventory, we go far beyond that. Our Job Costing Dashboard, Accounting Features, and Document Center let you see at a glance the profits in each job. The Job Costing Dashboard takes every dollar into account, and then our accounting software integrates with your accounting system to provide up-to-the-minute financial information.

All of this information also reduces “touch costs”—unnecessary manual labor that drives up expenses and pushes your hard-working staff to their limits.

Maybe you’re offering your customers flexible rates? Our software helps you bend. We have construction/tool formulas, event rate calculations, even specialized rate calculators that will let you know just how flexible you can be.

The Document Center brings everything together by providing companies a centralized hub for all communication. 

As for your sales force: we’ve got them covered too.

We utilize the popular CRM application Zoho to help you keep track of your customers and reach out to them regularly. We also provide our own Commission Manager system that can respond to all phases of your contracts with multiple commission plans, sliding commission sales, and commission credit triggers.


Alert Rental solves inventory management issues.

Over the years, we’ve developed one of the most comprehensive inventory management systems in the business. You’ll know where everything is—all the time. Our system shows you which equipment is on or off-site, whether your company is renting across town or halfway around the world.

Alert’s inventory management software is everywhere a cell phone can be. We pair with AEMP-standard telematics companies to help you keep track of your equipment in the fields, even your most remote assets, down to the smallest detail—like real-time billing for meter overages.


Our software can help businesses make financial decisions at the right time.

All of this information—all of your equipment—doesn’t do mean much by itself. You need to see what it’s doing and use that information to decide on the best course for your company. Our Report Writer software provides custom, real-time data so you can decide where your cash needs to flow.

Come tax time, you’ll also appreciate that centralized communication and its advanced sales tax reporting.


Alert Rental is also your secure data partner.

We don’t hear a lot of concerns about data security…until there’s a problem. So we’ve developed solutions that can keep your mind off all that data and let you keep your eye on your business. With our EasyVault Backup, unexpected data loss is no problem. We’ll help you recover that data in minutes.

And our Cloud Hosting services can host your entire system—eliminating the need for expensive serves and in-house IT departments.


So … How Did We Know?

Why have we been relentlessly innovating our equipment rental software solutions to meet all these needs and more?

Because you told us what you wanted from your equipment rental software company.

And we listen. Always.

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