Rental Software for Small Business

Intelligent solutions for small rental businesses

Just because your rental business has a small inventory, is just starting out, or is otherwise classified as a small business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to a fully featured rental management system. With built in features, your small rental business will be equipped to service your clients as well as the big guys.

Small Businesses can Reduce Touch Costs

Small rental businesses need to be more efficient and productive than their larger counterparts, and rental software for small businesses can help. Alert’s rental management system can help you drive your business forward with several features. See all of Alert’s features here.

Dispatcher Dashboard

Drag and drop to create routes, load trucks, add staff, and even give the route a lunch break! Your small rental business can leverage this smart technology, and even add GPS integrations with sophisticated features such as texting your clients when you’re on the way.

Ticket Merge & Split Ticket

What if some of your order has come back but some is still out on rent? Or is lost and being looked for? Split off the missing items and bill for the rest. Merge tickets together when splitting them for multiple deliveries is required.

Accounting Features

Alert’s rental software for small business includes the ability to export to various GL systems. You can also use Sales Tax Entities to easily report sales tax to your state broken out by city/county/special district.

Delivery Add-Ons

Alert’s rental management system will prompt you if there are any extra application charges when you select a delivery charge. No more forgotten after-hours or extra person fees! Charge what you’re worth!

Copy Tickets

Web Features

Alert rental management software offers so many features that will help small businesses be efficient, productive, and successful. 

Web Rental Management Software
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Document Center

Alert rental management software includes Document Center, which provides full-featured, easy-to-use screens for efaxing and emailing documents right from Alert. Documents are automatically routed based on your customer’s preference and the fax number or email address stored in the customer’s record.

Batch Reservation Confirmation

Confirm all your reservations via  e-mail. This CRM feature will also enable you to better manage changes made in the “pull period” and enforce change fees.

Instant Change Confirmation

With our rental management software, instantly provide a changed bid or reservation to your customer without leaving your workstation.

Send Multiple Bids, Reservations, and Invoices to One Customer

Select multiple bids, reservations, and invoices for one customer and send them all at the same time under a single (optional) cover sheet.

Improve Collections
E-mail Confirmation
Detailed Fax/E-mail Log Features

Reduce communication time

The “Send an Invoice” screen in our small business Document Center provides a complete list of open and closed tickets in a customer record. Select the ticket(s) to be efaxed or emailed using the check-boxes and our rental software system lets you prepare an optional cover sheet to send all at once. Right-click on any ticket to display it in complete detail. Includes Bids, Reservations, and Contracts. 

Summary of benefits:
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Rental Signature Capture System for Small Businesses

Signature Capture System

Significantly reduce the time it takes to locate and reproduce signed contracts by storing your customer’s digital signature right on the Alert contract image.

Customer’s signatures are stored on the electronic version of the contract in the Alert customer record.

Signature Options

Using the Topaz SignatureGem 4x5 signature pad, the Alert Signature Capture System enables you to obtain your customer’s signature in two ways simultaneously—in ink on the contract, and on a complete, reproducible digital contract image stored in Alert's small business CRM records. The dual functionality of the Signature Capture System allows your customer to see what they are signing while giving you the ability to store their signature for printing, verification and proof-of-receipt.

Increase efficiency

Tired of digging through folders, boxes and cabinets for hours (or days!) to find a customer’s signed contract? Save time, improve customer service, and reduce costs by easily finding, reproducing and electronically sending copies of signed contracts without ever leaving your workstation with small business CRM solutions specifically designed for the rental industry.

Legible Signature Printing

While we can’t improve penmanship, we can print perfectly reproduced, signed contracts to your laser printer!

New Fax and E-mail Features

Alert's rental management software includes a built-in document imaging system that makes it possible to create a PDF version of any contract on-demand for easy efaxing and e-mailing.

On the spot signing

The Topaz SignatureGem 4×5 is a durable large-sized electronic signature pad with digitizing pen. The signing area is large enough to accommodate paper forms or receipts for clients while you maintain a paperless electronic copy. The pen features interchangeable inking and stylus tips.

The Signature Capture System requires one Topaz SignatureGem 4×5 signature pad per workstation

Summary of benefits:
On the Spot Signing for Small Businesses
Drivers License Imaging System for Small Businesses

Driver's License Imaging System

Add a new customer in seconds to your Alert rental management system with almost no typing. Instantly validate critical ID elements to prevent fraud and theft.

Reduce fraud and prevent loss with the Alert Driver’s License Imaging System, featuring embedded ID Scan software by IDScan.

Increase Counter Intelligence

Renter information, including driver’s license number, name, and address is automatically entered into the customer file ID Scan's up-to-the-minute updated database. Virtually any state or national ID can be read and all information is auto-populated into your Alert rental management software.

Reduce Fraud and Prevent Loss

The complete image of the front of the license, including the renter’s picture and signature, is captured and digitally stored in the Alert small business record. Critical information such as “expiration date” and “birth date” is validated by the rental software system during the scanning process. A magnified on-screen view of the customer’s license is available for verification each time the customer is added to a ticket.

Multiple Signers

Manage multiple renters per customer account. Driver’s license images can be stored for each authorized signer in the customer Signature List field of our CRM suite.

Valid in All 50 States

The Alert Driver’s License Imaging System is guaranteed to work in all 50 U.S. states.

Maximize Counter Space

The ability to share one scanning device among multiple workstations enables you to maximize your counter space while minimizing your hardware expenditure.

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