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The secret to our success

It’s important to put a face with a name. Whether it’s your project manager, your support technician, or the owners of the company, we want you to get to know the best part of our company: our people.

We're in it for the hugs

In 2002 a rental company in the Midwest decided to replace their legacy rental product with Alert.  While getting to know them during their install, they told their project manager this story over lunch.  Two of their staff that had been assigned to ‘find new software’ showed up at Alert’s booth at the ARA Show, with an appointment to speak to a salesperson. His demo was running long, so one of our employees sat with them at a table to keep them company while they waited, but much to her dismay she kept being interrupted by what seemed to the prospective clients at the time, as a non-stop stream of existing customers.  These existing Alert users had no qualms about walking up to the table and interrupting the staffer to give her hugs, show her baby pictures, and generally catch up on life.  The newly signed clients admitted that they were dumbfounded that a software company’s clients would seek them out for hugs.  We think this story tells our story. When you are a partner with your clients, you share in their successes, their challenges and their life events — and they share in yours.

We believe in doing business with people not companies

Meet the team

Haven’t made it by the Alert Booth at ARA?  We always say that prospective clients like to come ‘look you in the eye’ and see if they want to do business with you for the next 20+ years. This the next best thing!

Mary Crosslin


Mary came to Alert in 1998 as an installer/project manager and has been involved in most aspects of the company during her tenure. When the opportunity presented itself to partner with Kara to buy the company in 2016, there was no hesitation. Always on the Operations side of the house, the most rewarding part of her job is (and probably always will be) to collaborate with clients and implement technology to improve their business.
Kara Longmire

CMA, Co-President/CEO

Kara joined Alert in 2008 as a Senior Accountant and quickly promoted herself to Controller and then CFO. (It's fun like that in a small business.) One day in 2016, it occurred to Kara while on a long run that she and Mary were running the company as managers and may as well buy it from the retiring owners! As a Certified Management Accountant Kara's true calling is managing money, and she brings this passion to help Alert clients save theirs.
Lori Bailey
Carolyn Carrington
Project Manager
Jean-Pierre Chastagnol
Director of Programming
Aaron Clark
Support Technician
Abraham Clinger
Customer Success Manager
Cindy Dodea
Support Technician
John Fusco
Sales Manager
Jeffrey Knoepke
Level III Support
Jason Lincoln
Level II Support
Ashley Keane
Marketing Specialist
Chris Neal
Support Technician
Darlene Patten
Support Technician
Michelle Rezendes
Support Technician
Lisa Segree
Support Manager
Eric Seilaff
Support Technician
Jasmine Tyler
Triage Manger
Chris Zanoni
Senior Programmer
John Lynch
Support Technician
Kelvin Friedel
Application Consultant
Relaxation Specialist
Security Manager
Smile Consultant
Bark Engineer
Treat Tester

Alert aligns itself with our company because our core values are about getting in touch with our customer, and it's really important for me to work with a company that I feel they consider me in that same way.

- Maria Corvallis, Peter Corvallis Productions

If you want some flexibility and personal service, you would choose Alert.

- Rick Meier, Power Trip Rentals

Awards and accolades

We’re in it for the hugs, but the plaques help pay the bills


Alert is more than just a company staffed with employees – it’s a true partnership with our clients.


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