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Considering new rental management software can be a daunting task and we’re sure you have a lot of questions. These are the ones most frequently asked by future clients.

Hardware & Software Questions

Alert works with both Windows and Linux operating systems. 

Alert allows either hosted or on-premise installations. Workstations need to be Windows 7 or above, and the Alert client requires very little in resources. Specifications are available upon request.

To infinity – and beyond! We current have installations as small as one user, and as large as over 150.

Alert is licensed by workstation. A salesperson’s laptop is one workstation, allowing them to multi-task with many sessions of Alert running.

Everyone receives the robust core product specific to their market, which gives our clients access to many advanced features at no extra charge. Alert is fully customizable and we will work with you to see what other functionality will best serve you.

Own your rental software – don’t rent it! Alert does not charge any subscription fees if you purchase licenses. Once you buy a license, you own it forever.

Included with your implementation is one year of Support. After your first year you can elect to maintain a Software Maintenance Agreement. This includes access to our Help Desk (via phone, email, fax, web chat, tweet, or carrier pigeon) (haha, were you paying attention?) as well as occasional updates and an annual revision upgrade.

Other ongoing fees could include hosting, EasyVault, and purchase of additional modules, licenses, or store locations.

We provide revision upgrades annually included with your support agreement, and they feature over one hundred user-recommended enhancements each year. 

Alert’s Web Services for your shopping cart, customer portal, and credit card payments may be implemented by web designers of your choice. We provide a straightforward DTK and a sandbox for testing. Your website will be yours – you retain design authority as well as ownership.

Yes. Email capability is built in to the system and no third-party software is needed to send documents from Alert. With a subscription to an electronic faxing system, analog faxing is also available.

Alert can auto-notify you about tasks, overbookings, pending web requests, customers who are over their credit limit, changes during the pull period, and so much more. Dozens of reports can be scheduled to be sent directly to an email or printer.

Alert is a real-time system. Availability updates as tickets are created, accounting reports such as the aging are updated as contracts are closed, and meter readings are updated live.


Alert currently integrates with Verizon Connect, Samsara in limited markets, and Fleetup.

Any telematics software that adheres to the AEMP standard is plug-and-play with Alert. This ties in to Work Order and Preventive Maintenance, and maintains correct meter readings during cycle billing.

You can use any accounting software you like! Alert offers daily interfaces with QuickBooks, Peachtree, MAS, Sage, Great Plains, NetSuite, Epicor, and more. With our CSV export file, most accounting packages can accept Alert’s summary GL export.

You can most certainly accept credit cards in Alert. Keeping you PCI compliant, we offer integrations to three secure gateways: Approval Code, CardConnect, and PAYware Connect.

Drivers license scanners from ID Scan integrate into Alert. You can add as many DL scans into each customer record as you’d like.

Alert integrates to Zoho CRM,  GearFlow, Rouse Analytics, SmartEquip, and Vizion360. We introduce new integrations frequently, working with our clients to identify new technologies that they want to implement.

Training & Implementation

That really depends on the scope of the project! We’ve had businesses up and running in as little as a week. We typically tell our clients to plan on at least 60 days. Your Project Manager will provide you with an implementation plan and you determine the pace.

Basic ticket writing can be learned in a matter of minutes, and we have a tool called NextStep Navigator that makes it easy for new staff to learn how to write a ticket. Training sessions are included with your purchase, a demo data set is provided for you to practice in, and we also give you access to training videos and written documentation so you can learn at your pace.

Absolutely! Alert Project Managers and Trainers are happy to come to your location and train your staff, or you can bring the team to Colorado Springs and we’ll train you there. Our Project Managers also work via phone and web to accomplish the same training on a more flexible schedule.

You can dump your data into a spreadsheet from your existing system, or we can give you a sample file format to fill out, and we’ll help you get it ready to import into Alert. We import data into a demo system so you can test it and when you’re confident that it’s perfect we’ll put it on the live side.

Yes, multiple levels of security can be configured, and your Project Manager will help you establish them during implementation. 

No. Multiple locations can be configured completely differently. They can export to separate general ledgers, they can report separately, and you can even hide inventory between locations so location A doesn’t rent location B’s stuff.

General Questions

Call us at 800.326.0079, email us at support@alertms.com, or use the drop down from any Help menu inside Alert to ask us a question. After-hours support is always available, and our North American Help Desk is fully staffed from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm Mountain time.

We are proud to say that we’ve been doing this since 1976! Our average employee has over 10 years of experience in rental – some as high as 30!

Like many of our clients, we are a small business. Mary Crosslin and Kara Longmire are the third generation of manager-owners of Alert, and are equal partners. We are a Certified Women Owned Small Business by the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

We offer flexible payment terms for new clients. Financing and payment terms are available. 

We’re so glad you asked! Of course we allow dogs in the office and have a few of them featured on our Staff page. If you’d like a #DogsOfAlert bandana, just let us know and we’ll send one to you, no strings attached.

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